How to Increase PPC Conversions with PPC Automation Tools

PPC Conversions

PPC conversion rate is an outcome of several factors. The niche type plays a vital role too. But, there are specific tips that can help increase PPC conversions universally across the niches. Despite the different benchmarks set for PPC conversions rate to be rated as suitable for various industries, here are some useful tips that are valid for all.



PPC conversion rate can be as high as 9% if the niche is dating and personal relationships. It can be as low as approx. 2%, too, if the business is that of giving legal advice. Depending upon the niche, the low or high percentage can be considered good or bad. However, there are particular PPC conversion-increasing strategies that can work for one and all. Let’s take a look at these simple yet effective strategies.

Before we start discussing the tips to increase PPC conversions, you ought to know that the average PPC conversion rate across all niches is reported to be around 3.8%. If your rate is falling below this figure, you certainly need to work upon the strategies.

  1. Create landing pages that speak to the customer

A landing page can be deemed perfect if it sends the intended message clearly and crisply. It should contain clear CTAs placed at the most appealing locations. The page should cater to the audience’s needs and provide a correct solution. And most importantly, it should provide some feasible solutions that can ease the lives of the readers. Some of the easy landing page designing tactics are – making catchy headlines, designing and placing CTAs attractively, encourage readers to give feedback, ensure fast loading of the page, and while doing all this, maintain the brand’s voice.

  1. Keep an eye on the current PPC rate and exploit all ways to score conversions

Unless you know the current PPC rate, you might not be able to design the conversion enhancement strategy. So, visit Google Analytics at the start of the PPC campaign with PPC automation tools to find the previous conversion rate. Then, analyze all points where previous campaigns lagged. Further, you must check the inbox or social media pages. There may be some comments on social media or an inquiry mail in your inbox that can start a conversation and fetch you a chance to get a new customer.

Further, you can club PPC with email marketing. Instead of waiting for the customers to reach you, you can tell them about the prevailing offers or new launches through emails and get PPC conversions increased.

  1. Be exceptionally mobile-friendly

Set up a Shoppe with responsive code, and be a source of delight for mobile phone users. This strategy offers immense opportunities to draw customers and encourage them to purchase. If you are using mobile-centric ways of designing and launching the PPC campaign, you are already there where customers are searching for solutions more than often. Also, since the customers tend to look at ads on their mobile phones in their free time, and otherwise, too, it can help you brighten your chances of making a sale.

  1. Analyze sales funnel and leverage it more smartly

Typically, the sales funnel is demarcated into awareness, interest, decision, and purchase zones. Experts say that a customer goes through a path starting from brand awareness to purchase, with stops like interest and decision en route. With the help of the correct optimization strategy, this path can be reduced from awareness to purchase. There are other paths, too, that a customer may use to reach the purchasing action. So, all the paths should be analyzed by referring to reports and designing PPC strategy accordingly.

In addition to understanding paths, marketers can analyze the resources or touchpoints that receive the most inquiries. A rigorous follow-up can help design an optimization strategy for the most yielding resources. Using a more focused approach, the increase in PPC conversion rate can be increased.

  1. Enhance ad quality score

Improvement in ad quality score can give PPC conversion rate a good push. A respectable ad quality score is determined by the expected click-through rate, landing page experience, and ad relevance. So, you can take the following actions on these points to get more PPC conversions:

  • Expected click-through: Make catchy headlines; short, crisp, and immensely value-adding. It should talk about the solution in the most straightforward manner.
  • Landing page experience: Optimize the landing page to match customer expectations. Make the ad and landing page uniform in message and offer. Do not use the same landing page for all ads. Try to be more interactive on the landing page, enabling the user to opine or buy readily.
  • Ad relevance: Ads should appear in response to correct keywords or key phrases. The users expect the right solution to appear on the search page when searching for something over the web. So, your keyword match strategy should be spot-on. It helps improve ad quality scores, and eventually, contributes to PPC conversions.

Since PPC conversions are most likely to yield better results when you have achieved a low cost per click and better ad experience, this ad quality score helps achieve both targets. You find the right reason to work on ads and what you intend to achieve from PPC conversions.

  1. Be a bit more focused on Re-marketing

Re-marketing is nothing but knocking on the door of those customers again. These are the buyers who interacted with you in the past at some level. Whether it is a purchase completed, an abandoned cart, or just a visit to your website, you know a little about this past customer. By re-marketing, the customers can be given a chance to relive a good experience; and you need not go very aggressive in tapping such customers. Thus, you can expect better results in terms of PPC conversions without incurring too much cost.


Increasing PPC conversions need in-depth knowledge of customer behavior. It also needs advertisers to go for low-cost keywords, re-marketing, and mixed broad keyword matches. All these tactics help in keeping the cost of conversion low. And by improving the ad quality, the chances of conversions or output of the ad campaign can be increased. So, work on both heads to have an overall high PPC conversion rate, and eventually, better ROAS.

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