4 Major Checklists For Best Amazon Optimization

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Investing in Amazon is not at all small thought of investment because each and every right step counts here. With a significant amount of time and effort at Amazon seller account, one can earn a good amount of reputation and money. All you need to do is focusing on Amazon Optimization.

With the emergence of online B2C and B2B industries, eCommerce product data entry services have earned a lot of attention.

Similarly, Amazon Product Listing Services and optimisation can attract more traffic and increase the conversion rate for your products. They can significantly increase your selling power and can help you to stay on top in this game. Here are the four checklists for best Amazon optimization:

  1. Keyword Research + Use Backend Keywords

The primary task is to have a list of buyer keywords, used to optimise Amazon platform. The optimisation with these keywords can drive highly potential traffic, increases product visibility and can trigger dramatic changes to Amazon keyword ranking. Some tips:

  • Populate all the five fields by indexing 250 characters (don’t waste characters). There is no need to use punctuations, singular or plural words as Amazon already has this covered.
  • Spaces are necessary between each word
  • Front-load your best keywords

The Amazon product listing services specialists use advanced tools and technique to curb the most relevant keyword bunches.

  1. Write Product Title For Humans

  • No need to blindly follow Amazon’s algorithm and always remember that you are writing and selling to humans, not robots. Don’t overstuff keywords!
  • Don’t forget to add benefits and state USPs of your products (as per your target audience).
  • In the product title, include primary keywords.
  1. Product Images Make The 1st Impression

  • Amazon gives an opportunity to add up to 9 product images including your main image; use it wisely.
  • Get high-quality professional shots from various angles so that the viewer can easily zoom in or zoom out to see the actual product.
  • Amazon’s Regulations – The product images should have a plain white background, without watermarks and infographics.
  • Add lifestyle images to demonstrate its effectiveness.
  • Include infographics to further demonstrate the benefits.
  1. Feature-Filled Bullet Points

The feature section of the product has a 1000 character limit; earn the best from it. Write product features in the following order:

  • Explain to them why should they buy your product instead of one from your competitor?
  • Write them in order of importance.
  • Try to address potential objections.
  • Include warranties or guarantees, delivery time and extra service (if any) given by you.
  • Explain exactly how your product will help the buyer.