6 Successful Beauty Careers to Watch Out In 2023

Beauty Careers

The beauty industry is filled with a long list of high-paying careers. After attending beauty school, you can enter into cosmetology, become an esthetician, medical esthetician, etc. All these are beauty careers booming with money-making opportunities worldwide.

However, it is daunting to decide what career to choose when looking to work in this industry. Many of these careers are described as successful, and decision-making becomes tricky. But then, this article will help simplify your search by reviewing the top 6 beauty careers to watch out for in 2023.

Read on to find out more.

1. Hairdressing

There are many things you can do as a hair care specialist. You can become a hair salon owner and make an impressive salary out of it. However, the income will depend on the location of your salon and the services you offer. For instance, a salon owner in NYC will make a little more than another in Austin.

You can also choose to become a hair product sales rep. Venturing in this requires hair care knowledge and sales skills. You can work with hair product manufacturers and distributors as a retailer. Most brands look for such professionals to help them reach a broader market.

Another thing is to build a blog that provides your audience with hair care tips. You can write about some commonly searched topics such as how to take care of wavy hair. Thus, there’s no doubt that you won’t miss an opportunity in this industry. There’s a constant demand for hairdressing professionals.

2. Nail Technician

Working as a nail technician is one of the best things you can do in 2023. Nail technicians do many things, including manicures, pedicures, and creating nail designs. All you need to start as a nail technician is to undertake a cosmetology course online or in a beauty school.

There are several cosmetology courses available online. But then, you should start by preparing with a free cosmetologist practice test .This will help get you ready for practical and written examinations. Reliable institutions offer cosmetology tests to get ready for different careers.

Taking a nail technician course helps you to learn the latest trends in this career. It helps you become creative and makes it possible to create unique and fun nail designs. This is one of the best ways to succeed as a beautician specializing in nail art.

3. Make-up Artist

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Another beauty career that you should consider entering is make-up artistry. As a make-up artist, your work is to enhance your client’s physical appearance. You can use a wide range of skincare products to do this and make a lot of income from it and retain your clients.

As a make-up artist, you can specialize in working with a specific client base. For instance, you can be a television, film, theatre, bridal, or fashion make-up artist. Specializing makes it easy to attract a specific group of clients and a better opportunity to upscale your skills.

4. Fashion Show Stylist

Most people only think about skin and hair care when it comes to beauty. However, beauty entails many things, including fashion. That makes fashion show styling worth entering as someone interested in the beauty industry. You can land an opportunity to work on a famous fashion show set and build your career.

The good thing is that becoming a fashion show stylist is easy. You only need to attend cosmetology school, work hard and gain the skills you need. This is all you need to become a famous fashion show stylist working with the world’s most prestigious fashion designers.

A fashion show stylist is an all-in-one beauty professional. This means fashion stylists apply make-up, style hair, and do many other tasks. You only need to be flexible and creative to succeed as a fashion show stylist. It is also advisable to work as a fashion stylist in a local event to perfect your skills.

5. Beauty Business Consultant

This career is an excellent pick for people who’ve been in the beauty industry for a long time. You can be a beauty business consultant in any of the career segments listed in this article. You are working as a beauty business consultant and are providing people with tips on setting up businesses in the beauty industry.

For instance, you can amass a lot of experience working as a nail technician for many years. Sharing this knowledge with people interested in opening nail specialist businesses can make you money. This is a lucrative career that many seasoned beauty experts are entering in 2021.

The best thing about a beauty consultant is that you won’t need to look for clients. They will find you whenever they need advice. You will also get an opportunity to travel around the world.

6. Beauty Writer/Editor

This is a perfect career for you if you are passionate about sharing ideas and tips with other people. You can switch things up and be a writer after gaining experience in the beauty industry. This career gives you a chance to choose whether you’ll write for a beauty magazine or start your own.

Your work when you get into this career is to write articles or blogs for an audience. You can write about everything that relates to beauty. Provide people with hair, skin, nail care tips, and many more. You will make a lot of money if you focus on some of the best ways to monetize your beauty blog.


As mentioned, there’s an endless list of opportunities in the beauty industry. You can specialize in skincare and be a medical esthetician. Besides, you can be a consultant and provide your clients with hair care tips on a personal blog. Focus on topics like how to take care of wavy hair, etc.

In short, you won’t run out of options if eyeing beauty careers. Working in this industry is also one of the best experiences you can have. It helps you hone your skills, travel worldwide, and rub shoulders with great artists and celebrities. The careers mentioned above are worthwhile for a beauty enthusiast.

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