How to Decorate a Backpack: 5 Fun Ideas

Decorate a Backpack

Backpacks for school-aged children are one of the key factors that impact the popularity hierarchy. These bags serve as status symbols and to make statements about one’s personality.

Are you wondering how to decorate a backpack to make it one-of-a-kind? Read on for 5 cool decorations for backpacks. 

  1. Add Decorative Patches 

The easiest backpack decorations you can use to make your bag unique are patches.

You can get patches that you fuse on with a hot iron. Or you can buy patches that you sew on with needle and thread or glue on. 

Some backpack materials such as synthetics can’t tolerate the heat of an iron. In this case, either sew the patches on or use fabric glue.

You can find patches to highlight your interests and personality. From slogans and logos to movie characters and book titles, there are plenty of ways to make your backpack unique when using patches.

  1. Decorate With Backpack Buttons

Another option for how to decorate a backpack to give it personality is to use buttons.

You can buy decorative badge-style buttons from many clothing and shoe stores. Again, you can show your personality by choosing buttons that highlight your uniqueness.

As you know, Everybody Loves Buttons. You can get ones that are magnets if you prefer not to poke tiny holes in your backpack. 

  1. Stick-on Stones

If you want some backpack decorations with flair, a great option is stick-on rhinestones. Whether you consider yourself edgy or glam, you can use stick-ons to express yourself.

From various colored rhinestones to metal studs, there are so many designs you can make on your bag. 

If you can’t find stick-on stones, you can also use fabric glue to adhere to your chosen embellishments. 

  1. Accessorize With Key Chains

Have you ever noticed how many zippers a backpack has? Usually, there’s one on the small front zipper plus two or three more for main and side pockets.

You can turn those boring zip pulls into fun backpack decorations with various key chains.

Choose keychains from all the places you’ve visited. Or find keychains with your initials, favorite cartoon character, show, or band.

This is a fun way to add 3D accessories to your bag.

  1. Use Paint or Permanent Markers 

If you consider yourself artistic, you can various craft materials to make your bag truly one of a kind.

For example, fabric paint, colored permanent markers, puffy paint, glitter glue, and more.  Maybe you want to embellish a pocket. Or you might want to draw all over the whole bag. 

You can use stencils or just make designs that are freehand. Either way, you can be sure that no one will have a backpack identical to yours. 

Be sure you practice your doodles first, especially if you are using permanent ink markers. 

How to Decorate a Backpack

Thanks for reading! We hope you now have a ton of new ideas for how to decorate a backpack to make it totally your style.

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