Things Your Virtual Wedding Definitely Needs

Virtual Wedding

Many couples had to give up on their desired marriages after the outbreak hit.  Some chose a postponement, but many others chose to conduct a virtual wedding ceremony.

Virtual wedding ceremonies are rather new to all, and you might not be entirely aware if you have been asked to one. Although online weddings are not as same as physical weddings, there is a set of etiquette for virtual wedding ceremonies, from clothing standards to presents and so on. 

Have a look at 4 basic etiquette you should keep in mind while attending or performing online weddings.

Don’t ignore your party wears:

One of the exciting feelings about a ceremony is to dress up for the event so do not think about your pyjamas today, whether you’re a guest or a couple.

 We strongly urge attendees and couples to dress up for a virtual wedding. Make your hair, dress something beautiful, and get ready to slay. Many virtual ceremonies get filmed and wedding coordinators usually capture guests and couple’s screenshots. Therefore, dressing up is therefore a way of showing respect to both parties.

Moreover, as a Maltese, full black is a NO! wear something with a floral touch.

Skipping wedding gifts shouldn’t be an option:

When it comes to weddings, a gift is a huge sign of love. There should not be any compromise on wedding gifts. 

Since online weddings do not have an option of any gift table, you can mail the wedding gift to the couple. If you choose a monetary gift, I’d advise you to mail a check with a wishful and nice card. Keep in mind, don’t delay long if you planned to send one.

Your background plays a role:

Are you ready to begin, but don’t know where to set your laptop or smartphone? No matter if you are a bride, groom or just a visitor, set your camera at a presentable location. 

Get set at a brightly lighted spot with no disturbing background or noise. Look for a place with plenty of good lighting and attempt to confront the light source so that you’re completely visible to others. And organize your space a little, guys!

As a couple, you can have a setup at the satellite island of Malta. The wonderful space allows you to celebrate in every place. Your guests will keenly attend your virtual wedding.

Other tasks can wait:

During the ceremony do not perform other things. Your emails and calls can wait for a while.   

Specify this moment and celebrate this important milestone. Please take care of the event only since it only happens once. If you are a usually busy bee, you can ask someone to take care of your things for a day.