5 Risk of Lead in Water

5 Risk of Lead in Water

The human body is composed of 70% of water. We all need water to perform the basic functions of our body. But now a day’s contamination of water is a great issue over the world. There are several components which contaminate water even ifit’s for drinking purpose or if it is for domestic and agriculture uses. And in this water contaminated substances,one of the most common is contamination due to the presence of Lead. Lead can be added to your drinking water through different sources, and lead sources may be your Lead plumbing pipes, your lead-based home paints or even they may be your kitchen lead utensils.  The lead doesn’taffect your skin when it exposes to your body directly. Therefore you can use lead-containing water for washes and bathing purposes but it has a dreadful impact if you consume it. So basically lead water should not use for consuming.    

Consumption of water contaminated with lead can  several hearts health-related and some of the most common are following

  • Effects on nervousus system
  • Increases the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Effects humanreproduction system
  • Increases the risk of hearing problems
  • Causes laziness and unintentional behavior of kids  

1= Effects lead water to on the nervous system

Drinking water with high levels of lead the human nervous system. When your body is exposed to the lead it damages the nerves of your nervous system badly. Lead has a highly negative impact on the prepharil nervous system. It causes narrowness of your nerve vessels and affects the supply of blood to the brain, lead-containing water mostly affects the kids.   It makes laziness and sluggard vibes in children which is undesirable. The lead is a highly poising metal that can affect different parts like the hypothalamus and sometimes lead to affect so badly that it can cause coma and even it mayprove deadly for human health. The lead can cause genotoxic effects in the formation of some parts of your body especiallythe brain and liver.

2= Lead Increasing cardiovascular diseases

Where their water contaminated with lead causes health issues in adults it has a greater impact on your children. You often heard that the presence of lead in drinking water affects your heartbeat rate, but you know why?  It happens because the lead makes your blood vessels narrow and causes plaguing of your arteries, so the blood supply to your heart retards and the beat of your heart slows down. The lead is non-friendly metal for human health it increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The hazardous effect of lead on the cardiovascular system is heart stroke and even it is one of the major causes of hypertension. So to ensure your health safety, you should properly monetize your water system and you should look for a lead water filter to install it in your home water system.

3= Effects of lead on the reproduction system

Human has a sensitive reproductive system, when the lead exposes to your body it impacts negative effects on your reproductive system. It affects both genders male and female. Lead containing water can interrupt the female reproduction system by affecting her menstrual cycle and in males, it causes interruption of fertility potential. The reproduction system is worked with hormoneslead-containing water that is exposed to your body effects on your reproductive hormones, and these hormones cause further complications in the reproduction system. Water with high levels of lead ions has a great impact when a lady is pregnant because the lead is present in blood and this lead-containing blood can easily transfer to the fetus through the placenta. It can affect every part of his body, affects baby growth, and even its effects remain the same and after birth, it causes learning problems. Therefore it is important to consider water safety. 

4= causes hearing problems

As you know the lead in drinking water affects your nervous system it makes a negative impact on the peripheral nervous system. A low amount of lead does not affect a lot of nervous systems but when the level of lead increases by a certain amount it causes damage to your nervous system and impacts negative effects on hearing. Sometimes it can deafness and this is not about unable to hearing anything about a few decimals voices that you can’t hear. It decreases the ability of your hearing and leads to further complications in life. So if you want o save yourself and your dear ones from hazard effects of lead in drinking water you must ensure water safety.

5= Causes laziness and unintentional behavior in kids

Where lead is bad for your health,it can prove fatal for your children. It makes a horridble impact on your child’s children’ssth. It retards the development of your children. It reduces their growth and decreased their activity. The hazardous effects of lead on the brain the development of your children can lead them to the lime complications. If your drinking water contains lead in high amounamountswill feel that your children are going unintentional. If you feel laziness in their behavior they might be consuming water with a high amount of lead. Therefore water safety authorities are very active from forcing span periodsto ensurethe safety of water in regards to provide safe and healthy water to individuals, groups and, communities. And indicateideal should also be conscious to save they of drinking water because it impactsthe term negative effects on you and your children’s health.


In this era, useof compounds for several purposes in agriculture, painting and even every industry is common. Lead is a metal ion that is added toyour drinking water and proves fatal for your children. By the time the need forwater testing and safety is increasing in regards to insure your health. And you must conduct testing time from to time and insuring your drinking water protection. You can make your water safe from lead by using lead a water filter. 

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