Smart Cleaning Hacks for Every Room in Your House

Smart Cleaning Hacks for Every Room in Your House

Cleaning out home is the last thing on our minds given the busy schedule. Even the thought of cleaning the rooms around your house can be overwhelming. However, you can tackle the cleaning if you use the proper techniques. Here I have some cleaning hacks that you can use for different rooms in your house. 

Combine tasks

Combining your cleaning task is a rule of thumb instead of a hack. Of course, cleaning every room is a massive task, so you must be intelligent. However, combining your cleaning tasks around the house can unload the burden of a long cleaning task list. For example, when you are cleaning your windows, try to clean the blind at the same time. This way, you don’t have to deal with cleaning the same parts again. 

Clean your house entirely

I know it’s not easy to clean the house entirely at the same time. However, this is the most helpful cleaning habit you can have. When you leave the cleaning halfway, it isn’t easy to get your mind back. I know many people will disagree here as dividing the clean tasks is standard practice. However, that’s only useful if you can stick to it, which is the case for most people. So, house cleaning is much more efficient if you do it in one go. You can also hire a professional cleaner like maid service Boston for deep cleaning your home.

Clear the clutter

A scattered and disorganized home can affect your mental and physical health. But have you ever considered how it’s affecting your cleaning habits too? With clutters everywhere, you can feel overwhelmed immediately when you start cleaning. But when clutter is gone, you can plan a cleaning schedule and have the courage to go through your cleaning plan. 

Dishwasher detergent pods can be a lifesaver

Dishwasher pods are handy for cleaning dishes. But do you know they have other uses too? You can use your dishwasher pods to clean your microwave or toilet bowl. These dishwasher pods can be convenient when you don’t have the necessary cleaning supplies. To use the pods, soak them in warm water, let them absorb some water, and then rub your toilet bowl or inside the microwave with it

Black tea as glass cleaner

Another handy ingredient that most homeowners have at home. Don’t let the absence of cleaning materials prevent you from your cleaning plan. If you have black tea at home, just put a few bags in boiling water like you usually make teak. After the tea bags are soaked, remove them and let the tea cool. Then, put the tea in a sprayer bottle and spray it on glasses. You’ll love the magic of tea’s acidic contents and tannins. 

Freshen up your garbage disposal

Cleaning doesn’t always mean removing unwanted substances. Sometimes, it’s also about freshening things up. In that regard, your stinky garbage disposal can be something that can use some freshening up. All you’ll need is home ingredients like some vinegar and lemon pieces. Please put them in an ice cube box and make cubes. Once you put those cubes in the garbage disposal and run it, it’ll immediately eliminate the smell.

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