5 Tips for Solving Common ARK Server Errors

ARK Server Errors

Even if ARK isn’t very new in the gaming world, many players still encounter some issues and common errors. It is definitely understandable that it could get annoying and frustrating sometimes, especially if you’re very focused on the game and suddenly it crashes or does not respond. 

Although this can’t be avoided, you can find multiple tips and solutions circulating on the internet. These are even provided in ARK forums and discussions. To further guide you on how to quickly and effectively fix these ARK Server Errors, here are some basic tips that you can apply: 

1. Make sure to verify the integrity of your game file. 

There are times that you might not notice upon downloading your game file that maybe at some point, it crashed. Although it has been successfully downloaded and installed, the fact that it crashed could mean that some files are missing. In many cases, that could result in common “not responding” errors in ARK servers

If you have encountered such an error, you can verify your game file in five easy steps. First, go to your steam client. Next, select the library tab, choose ARK survival, right-click, and select properties. Launch the local files and select Verify Game Files so the system can immediately replace the incomplete files to solve the error. 

2. Add the game to the exception list of your system. 

This is an important process as well to avoid “not responding” errors. Go to your computer’s firewall, select Windows Defender Firewall from the list. Afterward, select “Allow an app or feature” from the options. Select the ARK checkbox, and restart your computer once confirmed. 

3. Re-install ARK. 

For crashing issues, this has been a proven solution. Just like what’s mentioned earlier, there are tendencies upon downloading that at some point it might have been corrupted. The best thing to do is download and re-install the game file all over again and make sure that the process is completed and not corrupted. 

4. Verify if your device met the requirements of ARK. 

There are certain requirements that your computer should be able to possess in order for the game to run properly. For the graphics card, you should have NVIDIA GTX 670 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB. Aside from that, it should also support Direct X Version 10. Lastly, it should obtain a 60 GB free disk space to install the complete game files properly. 

5. Sign out and sign back in on your PlayStation Network to enable a quick update. 

If you’re a PlayStation user and encountering “no session found” issues, this one is applicable for you. Simply conduct a sign-out sign-in method to refresh the system as well as the game. You can also ask a friend to invite you to a game and check if you can join.

Final Words 

There’s really no need to worry if you’re encountering game issues; it’s all normal. As what they say, no game is perfect. However, there are always solutions available for every issue that you might encounter. Just read game forums and apply the methods provided in this article and some other reliable sources. 

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