Find Out About Sean Lock’s Relationship With Anoushka Nara Giltsoff

Anoushka Nara Giltsoff

Sean Lock was a famous comedian who made us laugh alot at his quirky jokes. However, did you know that keeping quiet was good for his relationship with his wife Anoushka Nara Giltsoff? One time during an interview he told the media that the secret to their succesful marriage was him ‘shutting the f*** up’.

The famous comedian has died tragically from cancer this year at the age of 58. He left behind his wife Anoushka Nara Giltsoff and three kids alone. This news has certainly broken the hearts of his fans. Therefore they have paid their respects to his family and expressed grief as well. 

It’s true that Sean Lock’s wife Anoushka hasn’t come under the spotlight much. However, after the death of Lock, a lot of people wish to know about his family. So, if you wish to know about Anoushka Nara Gilstoff then you will find some interesting details here. We will also provide you with a few facts about their relationship as well. 

A Bit On Their Relationship

As we said earlier, recently this year the great comedian has passed away after battling cancer at the age of 58. Once he joked that he didn’t care about his obituary because he’d be dead. It’s worth noting that the duo shared a wonderful marital bond. His wife, Anoushka is a businesswoman and they share three children. 

Sean Lock didn’t share much about his personal life with the media. Therefore there’s not much info available about the couple. For example, we don’t know the names of their kids. However, as per the sources, the couple had a daughter in 2004. Thereafter they shared a second daughter in the year 2006. In addition, they also welcomed their first son in the year 2009. 

While Lock always liked to keep his family out of the media’s eyes, he always praised his wife. He said that he loves how his wife takes care of their children despite having a career of her own. 

Furthermore, we know that Sean Lock suffered from Skin Cancer for a while before losing the battle. He revealed that he was diagnosed with skin cancer back in the year 1990 after a woman with whom he was standing on a one-night stand spotted a melanoma on his back.

Later on, he said that his wife Anoushka took great care with the skin of their kids. For example, Lock said that whenever it’s hot n humid she makes sure that she puts SPF50 cream on their children before stepping out of the house.

Their Work ‘n Life Balance: How Being Quiet Helped 

In an interview in the year 2010, Sean said that he and his wife would strike a healthy work-life balance for their family. They did it to maintain a good family environment after coming from lengthy tours. 

“Every time I come back, me and the wife have arguments and I fall out with the kids”. 

He expressed his understanding that his wife didn’t know how hard his job was. Likewise, he too had forgotten how hard her wife’s job was. However, they didn’t let these differences of opinion and misunderstandings get in their way. In fact, he also shared how one day his wife suggested keeping his mouth shut. 

“Don’t Say Anything. Don’t get involved. Know your position. You’re the lowest in the family, you’re right behind the baby in the list of important things. Stay there.” He said that this suggestion from his wife Anoushka Nara Glitsoff worked strangely.