Todd Chrisley’s Father Gene Raymond Chrisley Has Left This World: Found Out More Details Regarding His Death

Gene Raymond Chrisley

Recently, Gene Raymond Chrisley, the father of Chrisley Knows Best Star Todd Chrisley has passed away. In fact, Todd’s father had left this mortal world even before the show Chrisley Knows Best premiered. Moreover, the fans probably know that the reality show family talked about Gene in high regard. Therefore, his death is quite shocking for a lot of people.

Todd really loved his old chap and talked about him a lot. Not only Todd but other family members too loved Gene. They said that nobody could compare to Gene in a lot of aspects.

So, if you wish to know a few details about Gene Raymond Chrisley then you will find them here. In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about Gene. For example, we will share the details of his life, net worth, and also the cause of his death.

Who Is Gene? A Few Details About The Father Of Todd

Gene is the son of the late Leaneard A. and Allie Mae Childers Chrisley. He was born in the year 1935, on 9th May. Therefore, if he hadn’t left this world then he’d have been around 86 years old. Moreover, as we said earlier, people also know him as the father of Todd Chrisley. In fact, we know his son Todd as Chrisley Knows Best reality star. Furthermore, Todd is also a successful business tycoon and a real estate mogul in America.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that Gene Raymond Chrisley is the husband of Faye Chrisley. Yes, she is the Nanny Faye of Chrisley Knows Best TV Show.

As we said earlier, Gene Raymond Chrisley, just two years before the premiere of the reality show left this world. However, the entire family spoke about him in high regard in the show.

Could Anybody Compare To Gene? Faye’s Decision & Her Grandson’s Comment

Gene’s wife Faye decided to move on. So, she started to find a new date on the site However, her grandson Kyle said that nobody would even compare to Gene.

“I was just looking for someone to find a cup of coffee with or to go out to dinner. Someone to be a companion.”

Well, Kyle did help her grandmom by setting up a dating profile on that site. However, they agreed that Faye won’t be able to find someone who could match Gene Raymond Chrisley.  In fact, Faye herself said that none of them look like poppa. Kyle too agreed that poppa or Gene looked better than all of those people on the dating site. So, in the end, Faye decided not to move on because nobody would look like him.

However, Todd didn’t like the idea of his mom trying to find love again, especially after Faye met up with a guy from the site. He said, “I’m sure the guy that was there with my mom is a very nice gentleman. But, he’s not my dad, my mother has never dated anyone in her entire life other than my dad.”

How Did Gene Die?

Gene Chrisley died at the age of 77 from cancer. As per the sources, he passed away in the year 2012, on July 11th, at Emory University Hospital. He had his entire family surrounding him with love.

His Profession

While alive, Gene worked at Westpoint Stevens as a manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of bed and bath home fashion products in the USA. Moreover, he was also a veteran of the US Army and fought in the Korean war. It’s because of his valor that he earned a bronze star.