The Top 12 Pregnancy Apps To Try Right Now

Pregnancy Apps

These are the top 12 pregnancy apps you can try right now. To keep yourself organized during pregnancy, it’s helpful to use apps with features like a calendar for appointments and information about the development of your baby. Tracking your mood, food, and water intake is also important. Dr. Peace Nwegbo-Banks, an ob-gyn, recommends the Ovia app (ranked #18 on our list) because it provides all these features, along with weekly information about what to expect during each stage of your pregnancy. Using such apps can make it easier for you to stay on top of your pregnancy journey and ensure a healthy and happy experience.

1. A1COG

This app is made for doctors and members of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It provides the latest and accurate information on pregnancy and birth. The app contains scientific articles, which may be difficult to understand if you’re not in the medical field. If you have any doubts or questions about the content, it’s best to consult your doctor. The app is a reliable source of information, but it’s always important to seek professional advice when needed. Also, it will help you in the initial stages quite accurately. 

2. Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker

Flo is a popular app that many people love. It helps you track your pregnancy symptoms, monitor your baby’s growth, and count down to your due date. You can also learn about newborn care with this app. Healthline even rated it the best fertility app in 2020. While the paid version offers more options and costs between $0.99 and $49.99, the free version still provides basic features. Give it a try and see if it’s helpful for you during your pregnancy journey. Also, all those reviews must mean something. So try it out for yourself. 


3. Expectful: Wellness for Moms

Expectful is a unique pregnancy app that focuses on taking care of moms’ mental wellness. It offers features like nutrition tips, hospital bag packing suggestions, and breastfeeding information. But what sets it apart is its emphasis on meditation. The app provides various meditations to help you with different stressors during your motherhood journey. Expectful also promotes community engagement, offering group fitness classes, meditations, and support sessions. The app requires a monthly subscription starting at $14.99. If you want to prioritize your mental well-being and connect with other moms, Expectful could be the app for you.

4. Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker

This useful app has a calendar to help you remember tests and appointments, and a digital diary to track blood pressure, mood, growth, and other things. It provides trimester checklists and a contraction calculator for labor. You can also stay informed about your baby’s progress, including their size and when you can find out their sex. The app offers different membership levels, ranging from $1.99 to $12.99 in cost. It’s a great tool to keep you organized and informed during your pregnancy journey. Also, you get to see your baby grow. 

Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker

5. My Pregnancy

My Pregnancy app provides you with week-by-week updates on your baby’s growth, including measurements and images. It also gives you information about the development of your baby and changes happening in your body. The app offers a trimester to-do list and a kick counter to keep track of your baby’s movements. One of the best things about this app is that it’s ad-free, making it pleasant and easy to use. The best part? It’s completely free! Enjoy the features and stay informed throughout your pregnancy journey with this user-friendly app. Also, you don’t get a cluttered interface. 

6. Stork

With the Stork app, simply enter your due date to receive daily and weekly updates tailored to your pregnancy journey. Connect with other expecting parents through the built-in social network and share your experiences. Keep track of your pregnancy weight changes using the app’s logging feature. When the time comes, use the contraction timer to monitor your contractions. The app also provides a helpful newborn shopping list and a hospital bag checklist to ensure you’re prepared. Additionally, you’ll find informative articles and useful tips to guide you through your pregnancy. Stay informed and connected with Stork’s user-friendly features.


7. UMC Pregnancy App

This app is designed for pregnant people who are patients of University Medical Center, but it’s helpful for all expecting parents. It provides weekly updates on your baby’s growth and development, a kick counter to track baby’s movements, and a timer to monitor contractions. The app also features a pregnancy timeline that shows when you might start showing and when to expect tests during your pregnancy. You’ll find articles and tips from Texas Tech physicians to help answer your questions. Use this app as a resource for your scheduled visits with your own doctor.

8. ProDaddy

Why should only expecting moms benefit from pregnancy apps? ProDaddy is a highly-rated app designed for dads-to-be. Unlike other dad-centric apps that focus on stereotypical masculinity, ProDaddy offers articles and tips promoting equal parenting responsibilities. It encourages dads to participate in baby showers and take paternity leave. The app has a playful tone and provides quick tips for first-time dads, deeper dives into parenting topics, and updates on baby’s development. It aims to build confidence and help dads become involved and talented parents. With ProDaddy, you can be a skilled and engaged dad after nine months. Also, it has quite the interface. 


9. 280 Days

280 Days is a pregnancy diary app that helps you track and record your pregnancy journey. The app allows you to document your experiences, monitor your baby’s growth, and keep track of doctor’s appointments and ultrasounds. While the app offers the option to turn your notes into a book, it’s not mandatory to purchase it. You can still use the journaling service within the app for free. It’s a helpful tool to capture memories and stay organized during your pregnancy. Also, an app that lets you keep track of your baby in a colorful manner is much better. 

10. HiMommy Pregnancy Tracker

The HiMommy Pregnancy Tracker app is user-friendly and has a pleasing design. Its main highlight is the checklists it provides, which are expert-approved and cover what you need to bring to the hospital for mom, baby, and what to have at home. This app simplifies the process by giving you clear lists of essential items, making it convenient and helpful for expectant parents. Also, it is one of the best apps on the market for pregnancy tracking. You can try it right now and see if it works. HiMommy will definitely help you a lot. 

HiMommy Pregnancy Tracker

11. Preglife

Despite its appearance, the high rating of 4.9 tells the story. Users appreciate the absence of annoying ads, and if you prefer to avoid the social elements found in many other apps, this one won’t force you to join a community or share information. It provides week-by-week updates on the changes happening in your body during pregnancy, along with calendar features to track your baby’s growth. It’s a straightforward and reliable app that keeps things simple and focused on providing essential information without any unnecessary frills. Also, you will find this app really useful in the long run. 

12. What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker

This super popular pregnancy app lets you easily track and understand your baby’s growth using relatable visuals like fruit. Instead of relying on precise measurements in ounces, which can be hard to visualize, the app compares your baby’s size to familiar objects like a lime. It’s much easier to grasp the concept of your baby being the size of a lime than knowing the exact weight in ounces. This simple and relatable approach helps you connect with your baby’s development and make sense of their growth throughout your pregnancy. Also, it is a very useful app. 

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