How To Choose A Keyboard For Your Laptop?

Choose A Keyboard For Your Laptop

If it turns out that the cause of the faulty keys – not a minor malfunction, and completely inoperable keyboard, then in this case you can not do without replacement. To find a suitable keyboard, it is enough to turn to any online store. For example, at Parts Plus you can find keyboard models that are compatible with a particular laptop or series. However, in order not to make a wrong choice, you need to know exactly the model number of the device.

How to find out the model number of the laptop?

Find the model number of the laptop can be found on the bottom cover. It is listed on the factory sticker in the “Model” field, and it is possible to find out detailed information about the laptop, including the type of case and keyboard form factor. This data should be used when searching for parts, because other parts, in most cases, will not fit a particular model or series.

What should I do if I don’t have an original keyboard?

If, for some reason, the factory-authorized keypads are not available, there is no point in looking for a third-party analog, because they usually do not exist. But there are compatible keyboards of similar laptop models. Finding an alternative to the “native” keyboard is also not difficult. Most online stores list all the compatible alternatives in the description of parts, also available search by laptop model, such as and

Tips for keyboard replacement

In order to replace the keyboard on your laptop by yourself, you should remember a few simple rules. They will allow you to avoid trouble and not make the situation worse than it is at the time of the breakage of the keys.

  1. Do not try to connect incompatible models with the laptop. They will not fit the form factor in any case, that is, you will not be able to insert them in the necessary place.
  2. Be very careful. First, you need to find the latches, and then carefully, using a plastic tool, open them, gradually pulling the keyboard out of the case.
  3. Do not pull out the keyboard connection cable and connect a new one with care. In doing so, do not use a metal tool under any circumstances.

If you follow these rules, it is very easy to replace the keyboard. And if you are not confident in your skills, it is best to contact a service center.

The main causes of malfunctions

While being an undeniable plus, the use of the membrane system is also a disadvantage of such keyboards. The membrane, unfortunately, can fail quite quickly with active use. Silicone under load sooner or later begins to crack. Also, quite often individual keys fail because the return mechanism is made of plastic. Nevertheless, the occurrence of problems with the keyboard does not always lead to the need to replace it.

  1. If the key suddenly stops returning to its original position after pressing, it may not be due to a broken membrane. Sometimes they “stick” in the pressed position. To find this out and fix the problem, you need to gently pry the key with a thin object (even a plastic card will do) and push it out. This will return the membrane to its original position, and then you can click the key back into place.
  2. Just the opposite situation occurs if for some reason the return mechanism has disengaged from the locking mechanism. Then the key “falls out”, and in order to restore the keyboard, you must remove it, and then put the mechanism back in place and also snap it back.

When fixing minor problems, you should remember that notebook keyboards are quite fragile, so you should act with extreme caution. Otherwise there is a risk of breaking it permanently.

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