God’s Work: 3 Reasons Why Being a Church Employee Is Worth It

Church Employee

How can you answer the call of God? 

Did you know a whopping 70.6% of Americans identify themselves as Christian? Over 20% of these people are Catholic. However, many argue that the Catholic religion is declining in the US.

Many are still looking for ways to answer the call of faith. Thinking about joining the clergy? In this article, we show you three benefits of becoming a church employee.

1. More About Performance

Evangelism is more than your employee’s performance. When you work in the church, God looks beyond your work as an employee. Evangelism focuses on how one lives out the church’s values and the mission of God.

When you get a church staff review, it can help you improve your work as an evangelist and as a servant of God. You may find that your peers will include a review of your character.

One of the best things about working at a church is that you all aim for the same thing. Salvation and redemption is something everyone strives for under the name of God. If you want to deepen your relationship with God, joining the clergy is a great choice. 

Evangelism allows you to cultivate your religion and spiritual self. Working with the clergy not only brings you closer to God but also to your fellow men. 

2. Self-Employment Tax Exemption

Many pastors who enter evangelism are not aware of the self-employment tax exemption. Many ministers can stop paying their self-employment taxes thanks to their ministerial wages. A minister with enough credits or those who are bi-vocational can relieve their tax burdens.

Under these pretenses, you can ease your burden without affecting your social security benefits. A pastor who applies for this benefit can exempt themselves from paying a certain amount of tax.

Another tax benefit from becoming a pastor includes the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This new tax bill, signed in 2017, affects how to handle reimbursements for expenses that go to your ministry. You no longer have to deduct unreimbursed expenses on your personal taxes.

Your ministry needs to have an accountable reimbursement policy for these expenses. If you want to take advantage of this benefit, look into the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

3. Housing Allowance

One of the greatest benefits of becoming a pastor is a housing allowance. Any pastor regardless of their credit can request a housing allowance. However, this does not refer to a form of salary that pastors can receive.

Housing allowance is an exclusion of taxes based on your expenses for housing. Instead of thinking of it as an additional form of compensation, think of it as a designation of salary.

Taking advantage of this benefit can require some documentation and planning. When done, you can use the housing allowance to your full advantage. If you’re wondering about insurance, follow this link to learn more about the best church insurance

3 Reasons Why Being a Church Employee Is Worth It

Here are some of the benefits of being a church employee. Your church employee benefits range from taxes to opportunities to build your spirituality. 

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