Anthony Strangis – Need To Know About Bad Vegan & The Chef, Sarma Melngailis

Anthony Strangis
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A lot of people may know about Anthony Strangis from Bad Vegan, right? While people do know about Sarma Melngailis, the true crime perpetrator of BV, one should also know about her ex-husband. 

So, as per the sources, Anthony Strangis is also a co-conspirator and a fellow criminal in the fraud that sent the duo to jail and also brought down Sarma’s raw vegan food empire. Even though Sarma takes the bulk of the spotlight in Netflix’s docuseries Bad V, Strangis is a fascinating character for sure. 

The sources tell us that Anthony was central to the bizarre con at the heart of the show. But of course, both Sarma Melngailis and Anthony are partners in crime. 

Now, it’s worth noting that the duo was on the lam in around 2015. The sources tell us that due to some reason they couldn’t pay the staff and the investors. That’s why the authorities charged them with fraud and violation of labor law. Eventually, people found the couple in a Tennessee motel thanks to a non-vegan Dominos pizza delivery order. As per the sources, they were about to steal 2 million USD. Not only that, but they also owed the government 400k USD as tax. 

So, if you want to know more about this story, then it’s time to go through this article. Here we will mention a few details about Anthony Strangis and Sarma. Moreover, we shall also provide you with a short review of BV. So, it’s time to go through this article and find out everything that you need to know.

How Did Anthony & Sarma Met?

How Did Anthony & Sarma Met?
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Sarma, the blonde bombshell represented Pure Food & Wine in public. It’s worth noting that Anthony Strangis and Sarma Melngailis had an unhealthy relationship between them. Well, it eventually tied them together in criminal business dealings. A friend of Melngailis was the key to introducing Anthony to his future wife. The duo first spoke with each other via Twitter in 2011. There are not a lot of reports available about their early courtships. However, we can tell you that they tied the knot back in 2016. Previously, Anthony was married to Stacy Strangis till 2010. However, she told the media that Anthony was a Sociopath. 

Anthony & Sarma: Crimes 

Bad Vegan actually portrays the life and the criminal dealings of Anthony and Sarma. People have accused Anthony of funneling money from Pure to fuel his addiction to gambling. However, Sarma has refuted this fact to explain their stealing. But, it’s also true that she did shift the blame onto her former partner through her lawyers. According to Jeffrey, Sarma’s lawyer, Anthony is a maniac. It was he who was responsible for the downfall of the chef. 

In fact, a clip in BV shows her a disturbing recording, of an argument between Anthony Strangis and Melngailis. She said, “So I’m just supposed to do whatever you say and listen to your instructions”. In reply to this, Anthony said, “yes, you signed onto this! You told me you wanted happily ever after”. He also added that if he had ordered her to take all the money out of her bank and light it on fire, then she had to do it.

Anthony Strangis Now
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Anthony Strangis Now

The sources tell us that both Anthony and Bad Vegan Sarma took plea deals and thus spent time behind the bars in Rikers island prison system in New York. Anthony, in particular, spent over a year before the authorities released him with five years of probation in 2017.

Bad Vegan Review

This is Netflix docuseries depicting a mysterious man, Anthony, and a US chef, Sarma Melngailis. Sarma’s left goes downhill after meeting a mysterious man who claimed that he could make her dog immortal. So, the show is actually quite a decent one that depicts the whole incident in a clear way.

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