Heart Bypass Surgery (CABG)- One Of The Most Common Heart Surgeries

Heart Bypass Surgery

Heart bypass surgery is a crucial procedure, and one should consult the best expert for it. Consulting the best cardiologist in India can be the best decision to get a successful heart bypass surgery at an affordable cost. Your cardiologist will suggest this surgery when the blockage is found in one or more blood transporting vessels going to the heart muscles. It is undoubtedly a complicated surgery, and hence, proper planning and precaution is a must to become a right heart bypass surgeon.

Heart Bypass Surgery

This procedure is safe and thus reduces the risk of heart attack and death.

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss all the ins and out’s related to bypass surgery. Have a look:

  • What are the types of heart bypass surgery?
  • What is the procedure?
  • What should you expect before the heart bypass surgery?

Let us discuss the points in detail:

1. What are the types of heart bypass surgery?

There are basically two types of heart bypass surgery involved. These two are as follow:

  •   On-pump surgery: it includes a heart-lung machine. The work of this heart-lung machine is to circulate blood and also breathes for the body. It also helps the doctor to operate easier by stopping the heart. 
  •   Off-pump surgery: it is also known as “beating heart surgery”. It does not use the heart-lung machine, and the operation takes place when the heart is still beating. 

2. What is the procedure?

Commonly known as coronary artery bypass graft (CABG), heart bypass surgery is used to perform an operation against the blocked arteries and the problems they cause. In this process, a detour or bypass around the blockage is created by removing a blood vessel from the chest, arms, or legs.  This process allows the blood to reach the heart over and again. Consulting best cardiologist in India is a kind of assurance for a successful surgery.

3. What should you expect before the heart bypass surgery?

You should do the following things before the heart bypass surgery. These are:

  •   If you smoke, then it’s better to stop it immediately. Smoking is harmful creates mucus and thus interferes in the overall recovery.
  •   For three days before surgery, stop taking any drugs containing aspirin.
  •   Strictly follow the instructions suggested by the team of doctors 

The success rate is quite good. Surgeons in India performs thousands of heart bypass surgeries successful every year. And except 2-3 percent of patients, most of the patients got relief after their surgeries in India. So, the mortality rate is low. 

Make sure to consult a good cardiologist before it is too late to get surgery. More complex is the heart disease, higher will the level of complications. 

Time to sum up:

The best heart treatment in India is available for heart bypass surgery. Our top-notch hospitals with their experienced doctors know their stuff and thus perform the proceedings with the most success rate of all. Get in touch with Jiyo India, a leading healthcare facilitator of India and get your surgery done at affordable prices! We collaborate with all the best experts and top hospitals to help you with the best heart treatment in India.