5 Wedding Catering Trends to Know in 2019

Wedding Catering Enfield

Planning a wedding is a tough job filled with a million small decisions that need to be made along the way. One of the biggest decisions for the couple is the venue, which will determine most of the mood and tasks. Another big one is food. Do you go for dinner or lunch, a buffet or service and most importantly – what do you feed your guests? Well if you’re lacking inspiration, here are some of the best wedding food trends we’ll be seeing in this year, and in this peak wedding season, there’s little that you can’t get.

Food as art

Of course, you want the food to look good and appetizing, but how about you take it to the next level and really create art with the food. We’re talking food sculptures, creative displays and crazy creations, all with the goal to create an interesting talking point that people will congregate around. Think apple swans, but floating around a large bowl filled with water. High towers made of tea sandwiches and cakes that look like anything but. This will really impress the guests and create a talking point at the wedding. You can also think about different ways to accessorize the food, preferably with something that ties into the theme of your wedding.

Assembly counters

Everyone has a specific taste and some things they just don’t like in their food. But, when meals are prepared for a larger audience, you can’t really customize each plate. Step in: assembly tables. Tacos, pizzas, salads and everything in between. Place all the possible accoutrements on the table and let each guest assemble, season and bake their own plate to their liking. It’s not only a way for everyone to get what they want, but it’s fun and gets people moving and mingling. Just make sure that you spread it wide enough or have several tables so that everyone can get food at the same time.

Bespoke drinks

You can customize almost everything, but what about drinks? Most people just opt for the casual open bar and let their guests decide what they want to drink, but couples have started taking it a step further. How about a batch of special-brewed beer just for your special day with the flavours you both enjoy. And if you find yourself in the cocktail capital, you can find catering in NYC that will serve some pretty unique cocktails along with the food, or even make a special cocktail for your wedding.

Fusion food

Settling for one cuisine is so 2017. In 2019, we’re all about fusion. You can find restaurants all over the world that are doing fusion food, from Asian to African inspired flavours, and sharing them with the world. So why not give the same thing to your guests? A fusion food flavor means that your guests will have the opportunity to try flavours they never experienced before and it’s more likely everyone will be satisfied – you don’t want strictly Italian food to be served to someone on a keto diet!

Bite-sized everything

Have you ever stepped in front of a buffet and felt overwhelmed with all the options and no way to fit them all in your stomach? Did you ever wish you could just try a little bit of everything? Well, now you can. A new trend has seen everything packed into small, bite-sized pieces, from tomato soup shooters that go down in one swift sip, to ten different desserts, each arranged on a separate spoonful and placed on a plate. It’s an easy way to try new flavours and get a little bit of everything. Of course, your guests might like one thing more than the other and want more of it, so definitely consider having extras or simply having full size-pieces on the side.

Having a unique catering service is the best way to have your wedding enjoyed and remembered by every single guest. Make something different and make it great. No matter how much food you have, if it’s all mediocre – nobody will care, but if you have a single dish brought to perfection, everyone will love and remember it. Of course, make sure you survey your guests on things they prefer or dietary restrictions but remember it’s your wedding and it’s your vote that counts the most.