A Guide to a Tattoo Shop Makeover

Tattoo Shop Makeover

A tired, unattractive tattoo shop could cause you to lose many customers throughout the years. If the paintwork is peeling, the furniture appears worn, and the bathroom is outdated, customers might question the quality of your designs and sterilization processes.

Make customers feel confident in your team’s skills and hygiene standards by updating your interior and exterior. If you are ready to make the necessary changes, read this guide to a tattoo shop makeover.

Add Premium Tattoo Furniture

Start by assessing your existing customer chairs, beds, artist chairs, and more. Also, you might need to identify potential tattoo furniture items you are missing in your shop, such as customizable armrests or higher-quality workstations. Once you have identified what you need, you must source and introduce premium furniture that will make your clients and team feel comfortable during short and long tattoo sessions.

Update the Décor

The next time you step inside the studio, try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Ask yourself if you would be impressed with the interior or if it would make you want to visit a competitor. If the paintwork is poor, the wallpaper is outdated, or the layout is restrictive, you might need to make a few changes to the studio’s appearance. A fresh, stylish, and inviting studio will boost trust in your team’s talent and ensure people don’t question the company’s hygiene standards.

Change the Shop’s Old-Fashioned Sign

The tattoo studio’s sign could secure more customers or encourage people to walk by and visit a competitor. If the current signage appears worn or old-fashioned, it might be time to update it. Modern signage could grab the attention of passing trade, increase confidence in your services, and make your company more memorable. As a result, more customers will visit your studio when they want their first, second, or 20th tattoo. You can keep your familiar branding or take it as an opportunity to try something new and rebrand entirely. 

Freshen Up a Tired Bathroom

Your tattoo studio’s bathroom reflects your company’s cleanliness and hygiene practices. If it appears dirty and unloved, your customers might believe you follow similar standards across the tattoo shop. For this reason, you shouldn’t hesitate to make changes to your bathroom to transform its function and appearance. It will provide staff and customers with pleasant facilities while boosting trust in your strict hygiene standards and sterilization processes. A few new tiles, a brand-new toilet, and a modern sink could turn a bland bathroom into a calming oasis, which could ease a customer’s nerves.


Your tattoo shop’s appearance and atmosphere can affect the customer experience, trust in your team, and the business’s monthly sales. If you want many clients to walk through the doors each day, spread the word about your services, and return for future tattoos, you must create an attractive, tidy, and clean environment. Little tweaks and big changes could transform the look and feel of your studio, which is why you should view new tattoo furniture, décor, and signs as an investment in your company and not an unnecessary expense.

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