Google Docs: Enhanced Voice Typing Getting More Accurate

Google Docs

Millions of people around the world tend to use Google Docs. This is simply because, in their professional realm, it offers enormous support to reckon with. There are many important features in Google Docs that makes it very appealing to people.

One can find a few sectors where Google Docs is not used. Hence this shows how much relevant it is to global working professionals. However, people can use it for personal needs as well. It might be something creative. It might be something to help you remember things. There are many possibilities.

For example, you might be a closeted writer. You might want to work on a story but in private. Maybe you are not ready for publishing it. Thus for trying out numerous versions of the story in your head, you can use Google Docs. As we said earlier, there are limitless possibilities to reckon with here.

Now what is interesting is that Google Docs has a voice typing facility. As the name suggests, it simply means that you can talk and the document will be typed by the machine. Sounds interesting? Many people have found this useful. But the issue of concern was that this feature did not work accurately at all times.

Google Docs – Apps on Google Play

Google Docs - Apps on Google Play

Fortunately, Google Docs has worked on this problem. Now you will get an enhanced and more accurate voice typing facility. There is also extended browser support to reckon with. Let us find out more about it here.

Google Docs

What the upcoming update is like?

Google Docs started the voice typing feature back in 2015. Many people have used this since that year. All people have to do is use the microphone and dictate. Editing is also easy in this case. You might have written something wrong. All of us tend to do so once in a while. But with the latest update, we will now see that there are more features given.

Often there are many transcription errors. Those will be readily reduced now without any hassles. Thus those of you who have any issue with such errors can breathe easily now. You can even go on to minimize the possibility of lost audio.

Often when audio was lost, important data used to be dissipated. That was never desirable for any user and thus Google Docs worked on this with due diligence. However, the team from Google Docs has not provided any specific examples as to what these features can accomplish to the fullest extent.

Browser issue resolved

One of the most pertinent problems in voice typing in Google Docs was that it was limited to browsers. Only Chrome was supported till now. Other browsers like Safari were incompatible. But that is not the case anymore. People using any browser can go on to use this. There are no strings attached at all in this case and that is what makes it fascinating. 

Impact on captions

All of these updates will also be visible in the captions. Thus anyone relying on this option will find that their captions have improved a lot as well. This is what makes the latest updates so appealing to the users. All users no matter whether they use free or paid services can go on to use it.

Additional supports

Google Docs is bringing out a lot of additional support to reckon with. These tend to include non-printing characters like paragraph/hard break, line/soft break, section break, page break, column break, tab, and space break. All of these are now supported in Google Docs.