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eCommerce PPC

At its most basic, eCommerce PPC, or pay per click, is an advertising strategy to generate additional traffic to your website by paying for clicks on ads your business has posted. This makes eCommerce PPC an interesting game with a few interesting facets, benefits, and drawbacks. With the right strategy using the right keywords and advertising in wise places, your eCommerce business can more or less reap an immediate uptick in traffic.

By utilizing the right keywords, crafting the right styles of ads and posting them in the best locations to appeal to your target market, your business is likely to see a fairly immediate increase in traffic to your eCommerce web store. An experienced team like the team at Genius eCommerce by 1Digital Agency can use top of the line analytical techniques to determine the highest value keywords to use for your PPC campaign. They’ll analyze your product offerings, your brand image, your market, and your competition to develop a keyword list and strategy that will situate you for success.

Yet after cooking up a winning list of keywords to capitalize on during a campaign, the work has only just begun. They’ll determine the best platforms to use for your advertising and even come up with the perfect balance of locations to post your ads. Crafting a range of banner and image ads with the right mix of keywords is part of the key to a successful eCommerce PPC campaign.

They’ll even engage in continuous A/B testing to ensure that the most successful and effective versions of your ads are the ones that get the most use. If a particular ad on a particular platform is underperforming, they’ll replace it with a more effective version to maximize your brand’s appeal.

All the while this campaign is ongoing, you’ll be getting weekly reports into the progress of your campaign. You’ll have insight into areas in which the campaign is performing strongly as well as some insight into areas where adjustments can be made to extract the most value from the dollars you put into the project. These are some of the things you can expect from an expertly and individually crafted eCommerce PPC campaign for your organization through Genius eCommerce by 1Digital Agency.

So that’s basically how it works, but what you can you expect in terms of performance? While every campaign is different and each industry offers different scenarios, pay per click initiatives are one of the quickest ways to drive traffic to your site. Since consumers will be advertised to directly and will be linked to your site, any wayward customer to which your ad appeals will be directed right to your site. And since you can expect nothing but the best in the creativity of design for your ad campaigns, the ads they craft for you will be nearly custom made for your target audience.

The ability to realize a nearly immediate increase in traffic is one of the greatest benefits of investing in a PPC campaign, but to get the most out of your money you might want to consider launching joint SEO and PPC initiatives. With a dual-edged strategy like this, you can spike your traffic in the short term with PPC while you can slowly build your organic traffic by optimizing your digital presence to enhance your visibility and increase your ranking. So if growing traffic to your site and promoting growth in sales are two things you feel you might want to see, then delay no longer. Higher traffic and all the benefits that come with it are right around the corner – contact 1Digital Agency at info 1digitalagency today to learn more or launch your PPC campaign.

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