Brushing Teeth At Night: What Are The Benefits?

Brushing Teeth At Night

As a matter of fact, we know that brushing our teeth at night is a very healthy habit. However, we have never tried to know the logic behind that. Generally speaking, brushing our teeth daily helps to keep them clean and healthy. We brush our teeth at the beginning of the day when we wake up. Therefore, what is the necessity of Brushing Teeth At Night? This has been a prominent question among many children and even teens for a long time. 

One main benefit of brushing our teeth is to protect them from cavities says this dentist in Syracuse NY. However, for that, brushing once daily might not be just enough. In fact, according to various research, brushing at night is more important than brushing in the morning. This is due to the fact that we consume a lot of food during the span of an entire day. Therefore, at night, we need to clear them, to keep cavities at bay. There are many benefits of brushing at night, which this article discusses. Therefore, keep reading.

Why Do We Need To Brush Our Teeth At Night?

We know that during the day, we consume a wide variety of food. These leave small particles on our teeth. Now, these particles form food for bacteria. Here you might argue that saliva has anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, it should act as a natural defence against bacteria. However, you must know that saliva production decreases at night during sleep. Therefore, if we do not brush our teeth at night, it will allow the formation of plague. Therefore, to avoid such incidents, it is better to brush at night before you fall asleep. 

Benefits Of Brushing At Night

Why Do We Need TO Brush Our Teeth At Night?

  • Gets Rid Of Food Particles 

We eat a variety of food during the entire day. Though we ideally wash our mouths after every meal, that is not enough to remove the smallest of food particles from our teeth. Especially, if we eat some high-fibre food, small debris remains stuck to our teeth. Now, if these stay there overnight, they will turn into food for bacteria. Therefore, in this way, these stuck food particles will cause cavities. However, brushing at night helps in removing these food particles and thereby helps in keeping cavities at bay. 

  • Kills Bacteria

We already know that bacteria are the worst enemies of our teeth. In fact, these are responsible for the creation of cavities. However, we can ward off these enemies by brushing at night. It enables us to keep bacterial levels in our mouths to a minimum level. Thus, if you wish to keep cavities away, brush twice a day!

Regulates Acid Build Up

  • Regulates Acid Build Up

The mouth constantly produces acids, which help in breaking down the food we eat and thereby help in digestion. However, excess acid might be damaging to your health. Therefore, it is the saliva which balances the acid level, as it contains calcium. But at night, saliva production decreases. This allows bacteria to damage our teeth in a greater way. However, toothpaste contains fluoride. This helps in maintaining the saliva level of our mouths during the night. Therefore, in this way, brushing helps to minimise the damage caused to our teeth by bacteria. 

Concluding Lines 

Therefore, now we know that there are three-fold benefits of brushing your teeth at night. You might have noticed that even dentists advise us to brush twice a day and such advice is not without its scientific benefits. Therefore, to keep cavities at bay, brush twice a day!


1. Why should we brush our teeth at night?

Brushing at night helps in keeping cavities away. For more benefits, read the article. 

2. Is brushing at night important?

If you wish to keep your teeth healthy, then it is essential to brush at night.

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