The Future Of Facebook Videos And How To Download Facebook Videos

Download Facebook Videos

Every day, users watch more than 100 million hours of video content on Facebook. And this number shows no sign of decreasing.

Breakout phase of Facebook video

Right now we see Facebook video as a very strong segment. This feature has been explored and focused on by Facebook in recent years.

Although Facebook has been developing video for half a decade before that. But in the past 3 years, Facebook videos have been increasingly promoted. Video is starting to become one of the social media giant’s priorities.

Starting in 2016, Facebook has significantly expanded its live streaming feature. People know them as Facebook Live and are available to users around the world. That same year, they began to invest heavily in advertising and influence.

In 2017, Facebook launched its on-demand streaming service Facebook Watch. During that year’s Q4 earnings press conference, the company’s famous CEO Mark Zuckerberg described video as a big trend. A decision was made: “continue to bring video to the forefront of the Facebook app family”. This is definitely a wise decision.

Facebook Watch marks a new success

Currently, Facebook reaches 10 billion video views per day – a number that no video content marketer can ignore. The Facebook video segment is growing strongly. This function brings interesting and engaging experiences. Besides, it also contributes significantly to the revenue of this giant social network.

The benefits that Facebook videos bring

Facebook video features evolve and are upgraded, resulting in user benefits. Livestream sales or through video Watch is a potential sales and advertising method.

Livestream online sales

As you know, livestream and an online sales method are used by many people. Not only that, the number of closing orders is much higher. Why is that?

Facebook live is an indispensable online sales support tool

  • First of all, it is possible to bring the real image of the product to the customer. Customers do not need to travel and review but can still see the quality through the live stream.

  • Consult and interact directly through live stream. The number of customers to buy will be significantly reduced when having to go through cumbersome steps such as texting.

  • Huge customer reach. Every time you go live, your followers and friends will receive a notification. At the same time, the sharing of sales live streams are more influential.

  • Cost savings. No need to spend money to run ads, you just need a smartphone with an internet connection. Besides, attracting customers through communication is a huge plus.

Not only stopping at exchanging and interacting directly, but Facebook Live has much more than that.

Facebook Watch videos reach customers

Most videos are watched on Facebook as a butt entertainment tool. With attractive and diverse videos, many people can watch them all day without getting bored.

This is an advantage that helps businesses push their products in and do indirect marketing. Creating an engaging video that reaches customers is easy.

The future of Facebook video

Video content is growing more and more on Facebook. Users are also increasingly interested and spend more time on Facebook videos.

The ‘recommended videos’ feature makes it easy for users to find topics of interest to them. Facebook is still working hard to develop features that can be optimized for users.

What will the future of Facebook look like?

Graham Mudd, director of advertising product marketing at Facebook stated that “Unlike other platforms where most videos are viewed based on search, Facebook wants to be a channel that thrives on content, and also for brands and products.”

Based on the benefits that it brings, Facebook video is evaluated to grow further. It will certainly have breakthroughs and improve existing features.

Facebook users still hope Facebook will have more improvements. Can develop and apply technology that helps protect users.

How to download Facebook videos

Surely many of you always want facebook to download videos quickly and with quality. On the market today, there are many tools to download Facebook videos. However, they do not bring the desired video quality.

Today, I would like to introduce to you a tool to help facebook download super top videos. It’s SnapSave. Just 3 simple steps, you can download facebook videos with super net quality.

  • Step 1: Copy the link address of the video you want to save to your device.

  • Step 2: Access the Fb downloader on the web or download it on the Google Play store (Called SnapX). Then paste the address of the copied video into the input box and click download.

Go to the link and paste the address in the input box

  • Step 3: Choose the quality to download facebook videos as desired and download

Small note: When you want to download Fb high-quality videos, Facebook will not allow you to download videos with audio. The Facebook video download will take some time to download 2 separate parts and combine them.


Facebook videos are one of the great tools that support our lives a lot. Not simply entertainment but also help our business.

Besides, I would also recommend SnapSave – a Facebook video download function. SnapSave promotes 3 criteria: ease of use, manipulation, and search. A great tool for those who like to download videos Facebook.

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