The Evolution Of Digital Marketing Trends—what Does The Future Hold?

Digital Marketing

Since the evolution of Digital Marketing Trends from traditional marketing to digital marketing, marketers need to stay updated on the evolving trends and adapt the advancing technologies changing the face of business processes. These changes not just help businesses to market their services and products effectively, but help them gain a competitive edge with the ability to develop new and innovative ways to grow their business, generate leads and improve their relationship with their business prospects.
That said, the goal of marketing—digital marketing in particular—has been to get the attention of the customers. So without further ado, let’s discuss how the evolution of digital marketing trends is changing the future of marketing.

#Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones are one of the most frequently use digital devices around the world. The biggest advantage of smartphones is that they are portable devices and about 70 % of internet browsing is done using it. Social media marketing and advertising target mobile users optimizing digital ads and SEO through this portable medium.

The mobile phones are an effective part of digital marketing through which the users can easily access the information on a business with a single touch.

#Artificial intelligence

Everyone talks about the applications of AI but fewer understand it. The use of artificial intelligence in marketing helps the businesses to better understand the behaviour and search patterns of the business prospect through collected data.

Moreover, businesses are adopting AI to understand how users and customers find their products and services. Using AI just doesn’t help them in analyzing data, but it also automates and optimizes customer services. One of the significant examples of this is the use of chatbots that play a major role in improving customer experience and has become a trend of effective digital marketing allowing businesses to better engage with the audience.

Many customers today prefer talking to chatbots as they are more responsive, give answers promptly, accurately recall the buyer history and never lose patience while talking to a customer. These virtual assistants offer better customer experience meeting their expectations and automate repetitive tasks.

#Video Marketing

Video digital marketing provides the marketers best of experience to the customers. Besides being the form of YouTube videos, marketers are witnessing the higher engagement of the audience by taking advantage of the explainer video services producing outstanding explainer videos.   

Where explainer video services provide a higher engagement rate of the audience, live videos are also gaining popularity. A large number of organizations are using live videos for interviews, product demos and behind the scenes glimpse of an event. As the cost of film pieces of equipment decreases and the quality of smartphone cameras increases, marketers are using it for personalizing videos rather ha phone calls and email marketing.

#Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the ways to collect more audience by using the help of influencers which can be an Instagram sensation having more followers, a well-known blogger, YouTube star or journalists who can help to spread out the word about the business.

This is trending because the audience trusts what other people have to say. It is easier for a business to align their brand with an influencer to display the products and services through a personality that people actually trust. Influencer market makes up a large proportion of an inbound marketing campaign, and when they recommend the brand to their followers, they become a part of your marketing team.

Even though influencer marketing is a new strategy, it is becoming a viable solution for the marketers looking forward to building trust with their target market.

#Social Media

Social media provides huge exposure to marketing and has become the best way to reach out to the audience. Social media provide businesses with real-time data which is utilized to analyze the behavior of the audience and generate leads to the business.
There are many different social media sites where users share their information which offers valuable insight to the marketers about a customer’s preferences, likes, and dislikes. All this information available on social media facilitates businesses with marketing outreach.

Through social media, it is possible for businesses to increase brand awareness. It is a cost0efficien way of marketing because social media allows any business to share their content for no cost. Be it Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform; businesses are able to build a trustworthy image of the company.

What does the future hold?

The digital world is about being more responsive, authentic and using the correct methods embracing new media, and platforms using the opportunities it has to offer. The future of digital marketing gets brighter with the increased use of AI in marketing. However, the primary goal of businesses stays constant and choosing the best digital marketing trend is important for a business to stay afloat in the market.