FedEx Tracking: How Does the FedEx Tracking Number Works?

FedEx tracking

FedEx allows shippers to track only the packages where it moves worldwide. Customers can use their tracking number to watch the movement of packages when they travel from one end to another. The packages can get a notification when they arrive at the customer’s door. This is how simple FedEx tracking works. But, sometimes, this tracking does not work as we think. 

In this case, the customer or shipper uses the tracking number to track their packages. Read the complete post to learn about FedEx tracking, working, and many more. 

What do you mean by FedEx tracking 

FedEx tracking appears to track offerings from competitors. Every parcel has a unique tracking number and barcode. The packages are scanned every time they reach and leave from the FedEx facility. 

Once the package is delivered, FedEx uploads a picture of the recipient’s signature, a copy of the FedEx freight loading bill, and another document delivery. You can check the to know about FedEx tracking. 

fedex tracking number

How does the FedEx tracking works 

In FedEx tracking, the customer can use the tracking number to determine where the packages have arrived. 

  • Large customers or shippers can track the shipments by buying reference numbers or order numbers. FedEx gives the estimated delivery times in the whole process. 
  • FedEx provides a mobile app option for tracking packages.
  • This company provides insight that permits the high volume shippers to analyze the tracking details of outbound and inbound shipments. 

How to get the FedEx shipment status by tracking number 

You can easily track the shipment status by entering the FedEx tracking number and reference number and getting proof of delivery. 

Here is how to enter the tracking number and get the delivery proof. 

  • Track the package in real-time and log in 
  • Get the update with a single click on the homepage 
  • Save the information of shipments for fast updates in real-time on your mobile app
  • See all the shipments information on the clear interface 
  • Then, you have to create the nicknames for the shipments. 

What to do if your FedEx delivery will late 

Sometimes, some packages from FedEx will arrive late. It is sometimes when you do not have experience as an e-commerce customer, but enough chances that you have experience as a shipper. 

If the delivery of the package by FedEx is late, even by some minutes, you will be entitled to proceed with the refund. But before the package order, it is suggested to read the refund policy terms of FedEx. 

If your delivery is late or you want to get credit from FedEx, you must file the requests for refunds within 15 days of the calendar of the invoice date. 

How long the FedEx tracking number is available for 

FedEx keeps the tracking information for 90 days available after the FedEx delivery, custom critical shipments delivery, express freight delivery, etc. The FedEx freight shipment details remain available for two years after the day of delivery. 

FedEx also recycles the FedEx tracking numbers. If you want to download the shipment data linked to a tracking number, ensure to do it within that window. 

It is possible to track the FedEx package without a tracking number 

Yes, tracking the FedEx package without any tracking number is possible. Alternatively, you can track the FedEx package with the reference number and account number you assign to shipments. 

The packages of FedEx still have the tracking number, but the customer has the option to rename it that way, so it is more useful. There is one tool available for customers, named FedEx InSight, that permits them to track the shipments from the centralized portal instead of looking at parcels one by one tracking numbers. 

A way to call to lookup services of FedEx tracking number

If you know the estimated shipment date, destination postal code, and reference number for the package, you can track the FedEx package without the account number or tracking number. You can easily track your shipments with the account number. The FedEx InSight app permits you to track the packages without the tracking number. 

Role of FedEx tracking and shipping 

Most FedEx shipments are delivered on time, but sometimes delays also happen. When the delays happen, the customers want to contact FedEx shipments teams and know why the delays happen. 

FedEx provides several shipping rates and services to customers. They have a rate for packages and envelopes, extra care, expedited freight, and ocean and air freight forwarding. 

They have priority, standard rates for overnight, same-day, and two-day delivery, ground, smart post, home delivery, express saver, and international options. FedEx trade networks provide international air freight services that connect all global networks, outbound and inbound. Remember that they are used for reliable, fast shipping, as they also track the orders. 

  • Track FedEx by references 

Visit the FedEx website, and enter the reference number. The reference number you enter must be sent by the sender by using the automation shipping tools. If you do not have the reference number, you should contact the shipper to get the reference number or use the tracking number to track it rather. 

  • Express tracking of FedEx

You should stay up to date on shipments with a unique tracking solution of FedEx that combines the data from different sources when your packages are moved from abroad to the US. 

  • Ground tracking of FedEx

Keep up with the shipping of packages with FedEx ground as it moves from one point to another until the destination. FedEx ground will offer you 1-5 days delivery of small packages to 50 states to all US business address . 

FedEx Mobile – Download Apps on Google Play

FedEx Mobile - Apps on Google Play


To sum it up, the FedEx tracking number is used to track the shipment status of the package by FedEx. If you do not have the tracking number, you can use the account number to track the packages sent by FedEx.  

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