Explore These 6 Floral Designs For Home Decor Inspiration

Home Decor Inspiration

Floral prints have long been one of the most popular home design elements. It’s only natural to have more flowers in your houses as you welcome spring, the flower-filled season. Fashion prints constantly reappearing as trends from the past. We’re also bringing back the floor-to-ceiling chintz you may recall from your grandmother’s house! We’ve compiled a list of strategies for incorporating these classic motifs into modern spaces.

Check out this collection of trendy floral print decorating ideas for your living room and bedroom.

Matching floral patterns

This coordinated style is inspired by the English, who have always appreciated repeating a print across a room. Choose your favourite floral pattern and go as crazy as you want with it. For a strong design, pair wallpaper with drapes and upholstered items, or stick to a few essential pieces around the room for a more subtle approach.

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Add a subtle touch of floral

If going all out with florals isn’t your thing, use a single motif as the focal point of your space. A flowery print may feel like a statement-making work of art in a sea of solids and neutrals, providing just the right amount of colour and texture to a space.

Use florals to create an accent space

Consider combining a traditional floral motif with something surprising to create a dynamic space. The abstract artworks’ futuristic lines contrast with the delicate elegance of the chintz chair, making both feel more original. Stick to neutrals for the flower or the art to achieve the appearance, or make sure there’s a complementing hue or pattern to connect the two together.

Floral print wallpapers

Wallpaper is a quick and easy way to inject some florals into your decor. Make a dramatic statement with a vast chinoiserie landscape or a bold repeating pattern, or choose a simpler design for a touch of delicate beauty.

Neutral floral prints

Though we love bright colours, neutral-tone floral designs can be a great way to create texture and depth without using colour. These patterns, whether in creams, greys, browns, or black, provide just the right amount of personality to a room, elevating it to new heights.

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Use floral patterns on upholstery

Upholstery, when done correctly, may be one of the most unusual ways to incorporate floral motifs into your home. When paired with a geometric patterned wall, the floral upholstery provides a lively atmosphere. Our love of fabric can also be found in warm nooks built for healthy meals. The clear glass dining table with upholstered chairs for example, adds a trendy bohemian vibe to the room décor.

Use florals on curtains, bedsheets, or pillows. Wall arts are even more spectacular to be added for an attractive space. The simplest way to incorporate colour, texture, and elegance into your room designs is to use floral prints and patterns with large, vivid blooms. Try them all and watch your home transform into a haven of elegance and beauty.