How to Find the Best Home Rentals

Home Rentals

When finding your perfect Home Rentals, it’s important to keep a budget, and have an open mind. A beautiful rental may be right near your work and you can walk to work, but the cost is way above your set budget. Or maybe a rental is miles away from work, causing a stressful commute but very cheap. Each rental will have its pros and cons with amenities and overall curb appeal and it can be a challenge to find one that’s right for you.

There’s lots of Home Rentals websites especially when searching for houses for rent in Houston, TX and it can be overwhelming when all of them have hundreds of rental properties available. Here, we’ll help you narrow down your choices and find the best home rental out there.


HotPads is a great Home Rentals website if you know what you’re looking for already, and the amenities you must have. Choose from sublets to a single bedroom, a condo, or an entire house to yourself. There’s a search keyword feature that lets you type in the amenities that you must have in the rental, too. 


This is a free rental search website that lists rental properties within Canada and the U.S. It’s also map-embedded so you can zoom in on where the property is located and surrounding towns. Feel free to search on your commute to see if it’s worth the drive as well. Choose from entire houses, condos, high-rise apartments and renting out a single bedroom. offers more than just high-rise apartments in big cities. You can choose from a single bedroom (popular for college students), an entire house, or a modern condo. This website comes with many filters so you can narrow down your search based on the amenities you need, such as washer and dryer, pet friendly, car garage, heat and air conditioning. A great feature that sets apart from rest is the fact that you can also filter for rentals that include utilities. 

Yes, there’s more. lets you see deeper into the neighborhood like local schools, where neighborhoods end and meet, and you can view bus transit lines through the overlay system. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Known for mostly selling homes, does offer rental properties for apartments and entire houses. They may not list as many rentals like or HotPads, but you may just find a rental on here that isn’t listed on those sites, so it’s worth searching and taking a good look.