Ontario Rental Application: How to Fill It Out and Sign It Right

OREA Form 410

The interaction between tenants and landlords takes place in several stages and is based on many official forms. The first step in renting a home is to submit a completed Rental Application Ontario. Read below for why it’s important and how to fill it out and sign it properly.

What Is Ontario Rental Application?

OREA Form 410 can be seen as a formalized tenant (-s) intention to rent a space. It contains essential information for landlords about a person concerned, such as personal data, employment details, and previous places of residence. The contacts provided in it (for example, from your place of work) can be used by landlords and real estate agencies to check your reliability.

Although this document is not mandatory, a positive credit history increases the chances of renters getting good offers. Especially if some rooms are in high demand. In general, this form should be completed by anyone who intends to rent a home and wants to provide evidence of their economic stability and reliability.

How to Fill Out Rental Application?

Completing the Ontario Rental Application Form 410 is quite simple, as you just need to provide information about yourself. However, since some of the data may be subject to verification by landlords, it is necessary that they be accurate and free of errors. It is most convenient to fill out the Ontario Rental Application using the PDFLiner editor to avoid missing any vital lines.

Step 1: Enter the information about the space you want to rent: full address, rental period, cost, and advance payment.

Step 2: Write details about yourself, your spouse/partner, and other tenants. Also, specify if you have pets and the reason you are relocating.

Step 3: Next, you need to write the addresses and contact details of the two previous landlords. If you don’t have a lot of rental experience, you can list only one landlord or just write the address of your previous place of residence.

Step 4: Provide information about previous and current employment, such as contact details of your manager and salary. You also need to write the same information about your spouse’s employment.

Step 5: Enter details of your bank and financial bonds (if any) to show your financial soundness. You can skip the savings and chequing account columns if you don’t want to provide such sensitive data.

Step 6: List the people and their contact details that the landlord can contact for personal references. Keep in mind that you should first ask permission from these people to share their contacts with third parties.

Step 7: If you have a car, type the model, year, and license number. Sometimes agents ask you to attach a copy of your driver’s license to this application (however, it is not a requirement).

Step 8: Date and sign as confirmation of the truthfulness of the data provided and consent to their processing.

Filling out this two-page document is easy with PDFliner. Be accurate and attentive so that the landlord can easily verify the data provided.

How to Sign OREA Form 410?

The most modern and convenient way to fill out such forms is with online editors like PDFLiner. You do not need to bother with printing and scanning papers; you can do everything quickly electronically and instantly send files to recipients.

When you’re done filling out the rental application, click on the “Sign Field” to bring up the “Signature Wizard” tool. You can upload an e-signature if you have one, create one with a touchpad or mouse, or print your name and style it with handwriting. Click “Sign,” and your signature will appear in the correct field of a document.

Is Rental Application Legally Binding in Ontario?

No, Form 410 is neither a formal agreement between the parties nor a legally binding obligation. Its task is to provide landlords with data on tenants, based on which they can choose whom to rent out housing. Its submission does not mean renting a place; moreover, landlords may reject it after consideration. However, if they agree to rent the premises to applicants, then Form 400 should be filled out. This document is a legally binding agreement that specifies the terms of rent, payment, distribution of duties, and other details.

The Bottom Line

Completing this form does not guarantee the lease itself, as it is not a Lease Agreement, but it increases the tenant’s chances of receiving an offer. It is an important step in the housing search and provides the landlord with important information confirming the reliability of a potential tenant.

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