22nd June Events: Everything To Know About The Day

22nd June Events

The 22nd of June presents you with lots of fun and interesting events. After yesterday’s events such as World Music Day and International Yoga Day, it’s time to enjoy more events. So, June 22 is popular as National Kissing Day, World Rainforest Day, National Onion Ring Day, B Kinder Day, and more such interesting and enjoyable events. Overall, it’s another amazing day to spend with friends and family. 

As we know, June has lots of memorable and enjoyable events that we can celebrate by ourselves and also with our special people. So, this happens to be one such day. If you want to know more about the events of June 22, then you should go through this article. This article tells you how you can enjoy this day’s events. 

Here Are The 22nd Of June Events

If you are quite excited to spend this day’s events in full fashion, then you should definitely know about the events in general. So, as we know, the 22nd of June comes with a lot of exciting events. Let’s look at the June 22 events in detail. 

1. National Kissing Day

Kissing is a way to express our love. It’s an act of intimacy that requires no definition. So, you may like to know that people love to celebrate kissing on June 22. In fact, it’s the National Kissing Day as well. So, on this day, you may want to show your partner how much they mean to you. Overall, it’s a day that exudes romance. If you are planning to celebrate the 22nd of June as National Kissing Day, then you can definitely consider kissing your favorite person.

National Kissing Day

2. World Rainforest Day

The world is heading towards a gloomy future due to excessive global warming. Climate change is a serious issue and it’s something on which people should focus more. So, it’s worth noting that it’s the rainforests that keep our planet healthy, and alive. Rainforests are the home to half the world’s living species or animals. Moreover, they also provide us with fresh water and all the other essential things. 

In addition, as we already mentioned, these rainforests keep our climate in check. If the stability of the climate were to change, then we would head towards a catastrophic disaster. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that we do everything to keep our rainforests safe from possible harm. Since more than 78 million hectares of rainforests have been destroyed, it’s time to take action. 

In order to aware people of the importance of the Rainforests, we have World Rainforest Day on the 22nd of June. On this day, several organizations hold debates, seminars, and other stuff on the importance of Rainforests and why we should contribute to the cause of the protection of rainforests. If you want to observe this day as World Rainforest Day, then you could donate or even volunteer your time to help raise awareness of this issue. 

World Rainforest Day

3. National Onion Ring Day

Onion rings have that surprisingly sweet flavor that makes them quite a unique snack. The crispy fried onion rings taste amazing. So, whether you take a bite of an onion ring dipped in sauce or without, it’s your call. One thing’s for sure, you are going to love every bite of this delicious dish. So, the 22nd of June is also popular as National Onion Ring Day. 

National Onion Ring Day

4. B Kinder Day

So, B Kinder Day is an event that was inspired by Billie Kinder. She was a 12-year-old, cheerful girl. One day, a tragedy struck and she lost her life in a horse riding accident. Since then, her mother Danny Mayson Kinder decided to honor the smile and cheerfulness of her daughter and created B Kinder Day. So, it’s a day when we should celebrate kindness. Our current world needs lots of kind people. Children on this day at school make Fly High Billie greetings card and give them to their mates. 

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