Everything You Need to Know About Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan

You may have heard his name in conversation and wondered, “Who is Joe Rogan, and what did he do?” You’re in the right place to find answers. Let’s unpack more about this celebrity, including his career journey, background, and views. 

You’ll also discover which brand of high-quality red Thai strain pills he consumed and learn more about his popular podcast. Let’s dive in.

Meet Joe Rogan

Who is Joe Rogan, and why is he famous? Before we get into that, here are a few simple facts about him:

Real Name Joseph James Rogan
Age 53 years
Height 5’7’’
Birthplace Newark, New Jersey
Nationality American
Net Worth Approximately $150 million
Birthday August 11, 1967
Profession Podcaster, actor, UFC commentator, TC producer, talk show host, martial artist
Single/Married Married 
Zodiac Sign Leo
Religion Agnostic


Let’s talk more about Joe Rogan’s life. When he was five years old, his parents got divorced, and he moved in with his mom. His father was abusive, but Rogan said he doesn’t want to complain about his childhood and he doesn’t hate his dad. 

As a child, he developed a deep interest in martial arts. It made him feel confident and helped him cope with his biggest fear of “being a loser.”

When he was 14, he started practicing karate and taekwondo. Rogan went on to win the US Open Championship Taekwondo Tournament at 19. Nobody knew who Joe Rogan was and what he did, as he was still finding his place in the entertainment industry. 

Later, he got into amateur kickboxing and held an impressive 2-1 record. Unfortunately, he suffered constant headaches and left out of fear of serious injuries. 

Rogan attended the University of Massachusetts but dropped out early. He then started a trail of careers that helped him earn his fame.

He has a reputation for trying out-of-the-box health trends and delving into various contentious substances. For instance, in 2020, Joe Rogan’s before and after pictures caused waves when he got shredded on the controversial carnivore diet. 

He has a happy family with two children from his wife, Jessica Ditzel, and a stepdaughter from her previous relationship.

What Is Joe Rogan Famous For?

How did Joe Rogan get famous? In 1994, he began his career in comedy when he hosted the Half Time Comedy Hour show. Thereafter, he became a jack of many trades involved on various entertainment platforms. 

He worked as a comedian, UFC color commentator, actor and TV personality. Rogan was also a guest on several reality shows, including The Man Show, Fear Factor, and Meat Eater

With his large following, many wonder what Joe Rogan is famous for. In 2009, he started his journey toward becoming the number one podcaster globally and gaining an impressive influence. 

About The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular programs available on Spotify. He launched it on December 24, 2009, and in 2015, it became the number one podcast. 

Rogan’s podcast consistently receives millions of views and boasts high engagement levels. He even won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Pop Podcast in 2021. 

His show covers interesting topics like Joe Rogan’s kratom use and his experience with psychedelics. It usually features famous guests, including Elon Musk, Mike Tyson, and Kevin Hart. 

One of the controversial talking points he covered was kratom. This botanical causes a frenzy, with some believing it has many health benefits and others arguing that it’s useless. 

In the episodes about kratom, Joe Rogan became an advocate for the herbal extract. He shared his experience of using it post-workout and believes in kratom’s amazing health benefits. He was most impressed by its supposed pain-relieving effects, which helped his chronic knee pain.

Rogan has also spoken on his legal stance for the botanical. The former UFC commentator said he doesn’t see it as a threat and pointed out its potential benefits. 

Since then, fans have been longing to know Joe Rogan’s kratom brand. He announced Urban Ice Botanicals’ Kratom was the one he tried and even discussed how to measure powder


This celeb went from a UFC color commentator to one of the most popular podcasters. His huge following wants to know everything about him, from the supplements Joe Rogan takes to the colognes he tries. 

He unpacks a variety of interesting topics and many enjoy listening to his opinions, however controversial they may be. Check out The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify for a first-hand look.

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