How To Prepare And Send Adjustment Of Status Application

Adjustment Of Status Application

What Is Adjustment of Status Application?

Adjustment Of Status Application is the legal procedure used for the application for a permanent resident status from within the United States. See here to learn more about adjustment of status help.

Steps To Take.

  • Check Eligibility Status;

It is necessary to confirm first if the individual is a possible recipient of a green card. Doing this involves acquiring a basic understanding that a Green card is available only to a spouse, parent, or a minor child of a US citizen, or individuals with immigration options available immediately as part of the family and employment immigration laws of the US.

There are additional, more complicated steps to take for individuals who gained access to the US through illegal means. If there is an existing criminal charge or related occurrence, it may be necessary for the individual in question to see a lawyer before submitting an Adjustment of Status Application.

  • Compile Necessary Forms and Documents;

The basic necessities are for the individual to;

  1. Write an initial petition to the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) and await approval.
  2. Provide proof of the specified relationship if immigrating as a relative of a primary immigrant, such as a birth certificate.
  3. Present two passport-style photographs, a government-issued ID, and a  birth certificate copy or acceptable substitute documents specified by the USCIS.
  4. Submit a Form I-485, an Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, the primary form in the process.
  5. Show proof acceptable by the USCIS, that their most recent entry to the US was legal such as a copy of their stamped passport page. Show proof also, that they have maintained lawful status in the US.
  6. Submit an Application for Employment Authorization, defined by the USCIS as evidence that...(an individual).… can work legally in the United States for a specific time period.
  7. Submit an Application for Travel Document so that in the event of leaving the US while their AOS Application is being processed, it will not be considered abandoned. This involves applying for an Advance Parole document.
  8. Present a Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record that serves if the individual lacks a medical report as part of an earlier immigration application
  9. Complete a Declaration of Self Sufficiency to show that the individual is able to support themselves financially once in the US. Related to this also is the Affidavit of Family Support, intended for family-based immigrants, to be signed by their sponsor.
  10. Compile all necessary documents according to categorical circumstances.
  • Mail Adjustment Application:

The documents and forms should, after compilation, be mailed to the USCIS through a proper mailing service. A biometrics appointment will be scheduled at the local USCIS office and an in-person interview may be required.

  • Receive A Decision:

What is left is to wait for either approval or rejection from the USCIS. It is essential to first have paid for all fees related to the processing. Also, compiling all the documents rightly will help in getting a positive decision.