Manage Digital Experience to Monitor Everything at One Spot

Digital Experience

An organization should manage the digital experience effectively and monitor everything at one spot in this digital era in order to ensure the happiness and productivity of the employees. While you want to observe the experience and activities of the end-users to ensure better productivity, you can not manage the digital employee experience monitoring effectively unless you examine the availability of the applications, desktops, and networking resources.

An organization needs to ensure that apps, desktops, and networking resources are working well and available for the crucial times to fulfill the needs of the employees. A monitoring strategy for conducting network testing and proactive availability testing is also essential to monitor the digital experience properly. 

Network Testing:

There are different types of network testing that you can use depending on your requirements and for the identification of different issues in your networking systems. Some foremost network testing methods are-

  • HTTP/S Testing:

You can use this testing method to check different parameters of a website and the construction of the web services. You can also use this test for different purposes by configuring differently, for instance,

  1. To test the responsiveness of your website, you can configure this test.
  2. This test is also useful to check web service APIs with custom body, headers, and GET/POST.
  3. To check the certificate chain, the validity of the SSL certificate, and expiration duration, this test is useful. 

You can also determine the health of the proxy server by conducting the HTTP/S test on the custom proxy servers.

  • DNS Testing:

In order to verify the accessibility and health of the DNS servers, a DNS test is used. When there is an issue regarding the response of a domain, this test is also useful to get back the expected result. 

  • Ping Testing:

Ping test is useful to examine the package round-excursion time and the accessibility of the applications, desktops, and networking sources. In order to check the jitter during the test, you can conduct an ICMP test or another advanced option. This test will help you determine the most suitable port.

  • Traceroute Testing:

In order to examine the availability of all the routes in the packets across an IP network, this test is effective. This test not only helps to identify the different routes and hops towards the destination but also helps to examine the latency of each hop across the path. 

Proactive Availability Testing:

Proactive availability testing helps to examine the accessibility of the Citrix-delivered desktops, applications, and VMware Horizon. Along with this, proactive testing is also effective to monitor the accessibility of the internal and external web apps and network services, such as print and DNS services, file shares, and other networking resources.

Why Is the Management of Digital Experience Important?

The effective management of the digital experience offers several advantages, such as-

  • An organization can monitor the activities of the employees and manage the entire infrastructure.
  • Digital experience monitoring offers an organization an end-to-end view and monitors the EUC environment’s overall health status in real-time.
  • The digital journey of your employees will be smooth, and this monitoring will minimize the complexity of an enterprise.