Everything You Need To Know About Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs

black obsidian yoni eggs

Do you know how to keep your reproductive system healthy? Kegel exercises may be the best option. Yeah, that’s true, many women are still not aware of kegel exercises and about their benefits. kegel exercises are a must to maintain the strength and vitality of the vagina.

Wondering how to do this? “Black obsidian yoni egg” it is not only a tool of healing or relaxing; in fact, it is much more than that “even it could be a sacred resource of self-discovery”

Have you also been trying to understand the exact use of black obsidian yoni eggs and not get the right information? Well, this is the right place to know, today I am going to share each and every little information about yoni eggs.

Why use it?

Women can use yoni eggs when they are diagnosed with gynecological illness or block, such as cysts, myomas, papillomavirus, irregular or painful menstruation, and so on.

How is it used?

The yoni eggs should be used during the night to avoid disturbance and distractions. Since it is a lunar stone, it is connected through the external hole of the vagina. Yoni egg bond with a vagina and support the reproductive organs. It helps us to exercise the PM (pubococcigeo muscle).

There is no limit to using rose quartz yoni egg but its recommended to use it in between three weeks and have rest for one week.

How is it cleaned?

It is good to clean the yoni egg before and after the use. Simply put some sea salt into the bowl and drop black obsidian yoni eggs into it and leave it overnight, then use this egg the next day.

Attributes and benefits

The yoni egg regulates the body’s PH and adjusts internal water, also maintains chakras and the acupuncture channels. Arguably, it naturally cleanses bad memories inside our bodies, especially sexual and identity memories.

Yoni egg treatment is a perfect way to enhance your inner strength and empower the root chakra.

When is it not used?

Avoid it when you are bleeding, pregnant, or while you are breastfeeding. Regardless, black obsidian yoni eggs increase sexual energy, but it is right to not introduce it just after sexual intercourse. Wait for 4-5 hours then insert.

The bottom line

Many healthcare professionals recommend this type of workout! It may be a good idea for increasing positivity and crystal healing purposes.

Hence, this was a detailed overview of black obsidian yoni eggs. Get this amazing product from The Whole Woman right now! And have a healthy lifestyle.