Essential Makeup Tips for People With Dry Skin

Dry Skin

It can be really challenging to apply makeup to dry skin – it often ends up looking flakey rather than giving you that glowing complexion you were aiming for. Whether you have dry skin all year, or it’s particularly a problem in the winter, you’ll need to change your beauty routine to suit this skin type.

But, don’t worry! Caring for dry skin isn’t too difficult when you have the right products. So, from prepping your skin before applying makeup to picking a foundation for dry skin, we’re going to take you through everything you need to know. Read on for our top makeup tips for those with dry skin.

Scrub and Cleanse Your Face First

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Giving your face a thorough scrub first will help remove any dead skin cells meaning your makeup will go on more smoothly; this applies to everyone, not just those with dry skin! However, it’s especially important if you have very dry skin.

If harsher scrubs leave your skin even drier, there are other options. For example, you could gently wipe your face with micellar water and cotton wool or try a foam cleanser to remove any dirt from your skin.

Use Hydrating Moisturizers and Serums

After exfoliating or cleansing your face, there’s one more thing to do before you think about applying makeup – moisturizing. Again, everyone should be doing this, whether they have dry skin or not, but it is often skipped.

Choose a product that is designed for very dry skin, as this will help add the most moisture before you start applying makeup. If you don’t like the feeling of a heavy moisturizer on your face, consider using a serum instead. These are generally thinner than moisturizers and will help hydrate and brighten your skin.

Pick a Foundation for Dry Skin

Once your skin is prepared, it’s time to start thinking about the makeup products you use. Powder foundations are generally best avoided if you suffer from dry skin, as these can make any dry patches appear worse, rather than masking them. Instead, opt for a liquid foundation.

A dewy finish is best for adding a healthy glow and shine to your complexion. It’s also a good idea to check out the ingredients – some foundations have added ingredients to help combat dry skin. Things to look out for include hyaluronic acid, which will hydrate your skin and provide good coverage.

It’s also worth applying a primer under your foundation; this will help you apply your foundation more evenly, and you will have to use less of it to achieve a smooth, airbrushed complexion. Look for a hydrating primer to avoid making your dry skin worse by the end of the day.

Or, Skip Foundation and Use Tinted Moisturizer Instead

On the other hand, if you don’t need full coverage, you could try avoiding foundation altogether if your skin is especially dry. There are many other products you can choose instead, such as BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

These products are generally lighter than foundation and won’t form dry, flakey patches throughout the day, as is sometimes the case with foundation. If tinted moisturizer doesn’t give you enough coverage, consider using concealer on particularly problematic areas. Don’t forget to look for a hydrating concealer, too.

Go Easy With Powder

Go Easy With Powder
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Many of us finish off our look with powder – it keeps your hard work in place for longer. Unfortunately for those with dry skin, powder can end up looking cakey and flakey, even if you have prepared your skin well beforehand. So, it’s best to apply it only where you really need it and avoid full-coverage powders.

A good alternative if you need more setting power is to use a setting spray instead. These will still ensure your makeup stays in place all day but won’t make you look cakey, no matter how dry your skin may be. You can find both dewy and matte setting sprays – dewy is ideal for adding a slight glow to your look.

Use a Highlighter to Make Your Skin Glow

Dry skin doesn’t have to be dull – a touch of highlighter above your cheekbones will instantly add a healthy glow! You could also mix some in with your foundation for overall shine and radiance.

Be Careful When Applying Your Makeup

Be Careful When Applying Your Makeup
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Even if you have the best products, you can still end up looking less-than-flawless if you don’t know how to apply them properly. It’s best to use the correct brushes or sponges rather than applying foundation with your fingers if you suffer from dry skin.

Try to avoid rubbing the face too much when applying products, as this added friction can result in more flaking. Instead, gently dab your brush or sponge, or only use strokes in one direction. This way, you can still blend your product and build up some good coverage without the risk of making your dry skin worse.