Engrossing Facts About Bill Russel Who Had Four Wives & Three Children

Bill Russel
Credit: Boston Celtics

The legendary Boston Celtics player Bill Russel left this mortal world on 31st July, 2022 at the age of 88. As we know, he was one of the best when it came to the sport of basketball. In fact, famous as one of the most decorated players with 11-time championship wins, and people want to know more about this man. For instance, there is one interesting fact about Bill that we may like to read on- His personal life. So, who is Bill Russel wife you may ask?

Well, the sources tell us that Bill Russel tied the knot three times. However, in reality, he actually married four times and he also has three kids. So, the man, who led the Boston Celtics in a dominant era (the 1950s and 60s) had a very romantic life as well.

His official Twitter account confirmed his death as the sources tell. So, if you are a fan of Bill Russel, or want to know about his illustrious romantic life, you are at the right place. In this article, we shall take a look at a few interesting facts about his personal life. For instance, we will mention the names of his wives, children, and more. So, without further ado, go through this article and find out everything to know about Bill Russel. 

A Bit On Bill Russel

A Bit On Bill Russel
Credit: bloomberg

Well, there’s no one can deny the amount of fame Bill Russel had in his lifetime. Leading his team to victory in championships, not only once or twice, but eleven times is extraordinary. The Bill Russel rings had a lot of features to count. 

In his career of 13 years playing for the Boston Celtics, he had achieved everything that a sportsman can dream of. Russel was also quite vocal about racial discrimination, something that he did face himself. Moreover, he was also a fighter for the social rights of Afro-American players. During the 1950s and 60s, he played exceptionally well, but also lived a life that we can struggle to even imagine. 

So that’s why a lot of people want to know about his personal life. Considering the fact that he has an enormous personality, one may think about how his personal life was. So, if you want to know about Bill Russel wife, then let’s take a look at the details. 

Bill Russel’s Four Wives & Three Children: His Personal Life

His Personal Life
Credit: blazer’s edge

The 88-year-old Celtic Legend Bill Russel has led a very romantic life for sure. For instance, he tied the knot to four women in his life. So, if you want to know about Bill Russel wife, then let’s get straight to it. 

As we mentioned, he had tied the knots four times and also has three children. The names of his wives are Rose Swisher, Dorothy Anstett, Marilyn Nault, and Jeanie Russel. The 11 times champion Bill tied the knots in order as we mentioned. 

So, it’s worth noting that all of the wives of Bill have become under the limelight after Bill’s death this year. As per the sources, Bill’s first wife was Rose Fisher and he left this mortal world in 2014, on the 11th Sept at the age of 78. With Rose, Bill has three children whose names are Karen, William, and Jacob. 

After four years, Bill once again married, after his first marriage ended in 1977. This time, he tied the knot with Dorothy Anstett. However, after three years, due to some reason, their marriage didn’t work out. 

Once again, Bill found love in Marilyn Nault whom he married in 1996. They had a long-lasting relationship until the latter’s death in 2009. You may also like to know that the NBA legend Bill on his death bed tied the final knot with Jeanie Russel. It was a discrete marriage so there are no details available about the marriage. 

What Does Bill’s Fourth Wife Jeannie Do?

As per the sources, Jeannie is the last Bill Russel spouse. She has come under the limelight after Bill’s death. So, the sources tell us that she was one of the participants in the Canadian Women’s Tour in British Columbia. Moroever, she also won Player of the Year in 2010. Her best finish was in 2009 when she finished 15th on the Canadian Women’s tour. It’s worth noting that Bill and Jeannie also played the game of Golf together.

Bill Russel Net Worth
Credit: MARCA

Bill Russel Net Worth

Bill Russell has led a fantastic life and his records show it for sure. As for his net worth, the legendary man has left 10 million USD as his net worth. 


  • How Many Rings Does Bill Russel Have?

He has 11 of them. 

  • How Old Is Bill Russel?

He was 88 years old at the time of his death this year (2022). 

  • How Tall Was Bill Russel?

He was 1.91m tall.

  • How Many Championships Does Bill Russel Have?

He has eleven championships.

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