Electrical Services Australia Experts Advice on Reducing Your Electricity Bill

Electrical Services Australia
Electricity is a part of modern life, and it could be very difficult to live without it. However, while we get to enjoy all the comforts that it brings, the cost can be high. From the installation that you have to pay for electrical services Australia has to offer to the total power consumption of the appliances you have at home, the expenses could put a dent in your budget. In Australia, the average electricity bill varies from state to state. For instance, if you live in the South Queensland area, the average annual bill amounts to approximately $1,334 per year, according to the Australian Energy Market Commission. That’s a quite high number, so lowering energy consumption should be a top priority for every homeowner.

What Makes Your Energy Bill So High

You might not be the only person who wonders why your monthly electricity bill shoots up. Maintaining a budget is challenging without knowing what causes your energy consumption to spike up. According to companies providing electrical services Australia has today, there are things that contributes to your energy consumption that you are not aware of.

1. Leaving your appliances unplugged 

Appliances and other electronic devices, which are left plugged in, still consume small amounts of electricity even when they are not turned on. And, it can add up to your monthly bills in the long run. This was not a problem years ago, but modern appliances never really power down unless you unplug them from the source. Most of the time, when you press the power button, appliances just transition to standby mode so they can power on faster. Even the chargers of your mobile phone, tablet, iPad, and laptop—while they may be small and convenient, they would still consume energy when your device is not attached. So, unplug your appliances when not in use to save on energy costs.

2. Using big appliances too often

Some appliances, especially those which use a motor to function, gobble up more electricity than others. Today, the average family uses one or more of these appliances, including washing machines, dishwashers, and air conditioners. For washing machines, one load of laundry could use about 40 gallons of water. But sometimes, you may not be using the appliance to the fullest. One solution to this is to make sure to fill the washer to its full capacity before running. You can also schedule washing and drying once a week to avoid using it too often. Your trusted local commercial electricians could help you identify which appliances are gobbling up more electricity than others.

3. Keeping your lights on when not needed

Don’t make the mistake of lighting up a whole room when you only need to light up some sections, especially during the day. Even during nighttime, be sure to only use lights in areas that are occupied and turn them off when not in use. Also, make sure to use modern energy-efficient lighting fixtures. When you have old lights, maybe it’s high time to replace them with new ones. You can ask anyone providing electrical services Australia homes uses, and they would agree that this is a smart move to cut your electricity bills.

4. Using old appliances

Using appliances that are already past their prime is one reason you are paying more on your energy bills. Older appliances gobble up more energy than new ones with an Energy Rating Label. An old-fashioned fridge or oven might look good on your retro-themed interior, but it is also one of the reasons why your energy bills shoot up. Don’t wait until those old machines suck you dry before you replace them with newer and more energy-efficient appliances. Consult an electrical maintenance Brisbane team to determine whether you should already replace your appliances or not.


The next time you notice your electricity bill surging up, consider checking up the cause before you browse online and search “commercial electrician near me“. Chances are, the culprit could just be one of the things listed above. Please visit our blog for more interesting tips and information!