Fishbowl Party: Why Internet Users Are Divided Over The Meaning?

Fishbowl Party

The fishbowl party has divided Internet users over the actual meaning of it for years now. Some people believe this is a kind of party that is meant only for adults, while others believe it is a kind of party that does not have a deep meaning. There are many kinds of meanings attached to the word fishbowl party. Moreover, there is a huge debate on where this has originated. 

What is a fish bowl party?

In December 2022, there was a scene in the staple Christmas movie, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, that made internet users debate the meaning of a fish bowl party.

A fishbowl party is a party with a huge glass bowl of booze in the centre. Participants take turns sipping from the bowl. This popular party game has several rules and variations. 

In a particular scene in the 2022 movie, where Cindy Lou asks about The Grinch’s past, she is told that The Grinch arrived during the Christmas celebrations. The scene then transitions to a flashback sequence that shows some party attendees putting their keys into a glass fishbowl. TikTok users debated what the keys in the bowl could mean.

Another possible meaning could be that a fishbowl party is a gathering of people who like to swap sexual partners.

What is the history behind the Fishbowl party?

Fishbowl parties may have originated from beer pong and quarters. Players take turns sipping from cups in these games. Fishbowl parties serve drinks in a huge glass bowl instead of glasses. Others say fish bowl parties started in US colleges in the 1970s. The game grew popular among young people and spread worldwide.

Fishbowl Party

These were sometimes referred to as key parties or swinger parties. Couples usually exchanged partners at such events after picking random bowls from a fish bowl. This was also a reminder that the party is meant for drinking alcohol and no one is supposed to drink and drive home. So, this could be another possible factor behind the origination of the fishbowl game.

What does it mean when you put your keys in a bowl?

The fishbowl party which has been shown in the movie The Grinch Who Stole Christmas has led to a lot of speculation. There are two schools of thought on what it means to put your keys in a bowl.

One school of thought argues that attendees at a fishbowl party put their keys into a bowl when they arrived. Subsequently, people take a key out of the bowl and go home with the person whose keys they pick. Such parties are also known as swinger parties and can be attended by single people and married couples.

Another school of thought argues that the keys are put into a bowl to ensure that nobody is tempted to drive home after drinking. Thus, the host of such a party can prevent a drunk person from taking their key and driving.

How has the fishbowl party changed over time?

Fishbowl parties have changed regulations over time. Some players pour alcohol into the bowl, while others use non-alcoholic liquids. The game is popular at pubs and clubs. College parties and other social events have fishbowl parties. Different locations and cultures have their regulations. Popularity and the desire to keep players engaged have driven the game’s evolution.

Fishbowl parties’ cultural importance and evolution are better understood by understanding their history. 

What are the steps to play the game?

There are a few steps to play this game successfully without any confusion.

  • Divide the players into two groups and give each person three pieces of paper where they must write three words of their choice. Once all the players are done writing all these chits are folded and put into an empty fishbowl.
  • Then first the members of Team A will come to guess the words. One person is to draw a chit out at a time and through hints make the team members understand the word. Each team will get one minute per guessing. Team A will continue till all the chits are drawn.
  • Then it is turn for Team B. The same thing is to be followed as in the case of Team A.
  • There must be one person to keep the score. Once all the chits are drawn the teams change their turn.

What are the basic fishbowl party rules?

For the game that happens with alcohol, there are some rules.

  1. The game begins when the first participant takes a sip from the bowl. Before the next player, the player must finish the glass.
  2. The game continues until the bowl is empty and all participants have turned.
  3. A player must sit out the rest of the game if they cannot finish the glass.

What are the different types of fishbowl parties?

There are three types of fishbowl parties. The commonly played types of this game are:

  • Traditional Fishbowl

In this type of fish bowl game, the players take turns sipping from the bowl in which a drink is placed. On most occasions, it is an alcoholic drink.

  • Truth or Dare Fishbowl

This version of Truth or Dare Fishbowl requires players to choose between truth and dare. The fun lies in who chooses what.

  • Kings Cup Fishbowl

This is a version that combines the King’s Cup with the fishbowl. Each card in a deck contains a rule that players must observe.

Tips for Fishbowl Party

The first thing is to select a venue based on the number of visitors, area size and noise intensity. 

  • Determining the rules

The first thing to do is to establish game rules. This includes how much alcohol is in the bowl, who goes first, and what happens if someone takes out a certain drink.

  • Provide extra glasses

Offer visitors enough glasses to pour their beverages without sharing.

  • Keep non-alcoholic drinks and snacks

There should always be an alternative. Not all visitors will play the game. So, there should be other options for them to enjoy.

  • Make it fun

Make a fun soundtrack and decorate it with interesting items to establish the atmosphere.