Do You Have a Pornography Addiction: Learn the Signs

Pornography Addiction

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During the pandemic lockdown, many couples began to get bored at home. Bored with staying at home, with their life, and with each other. In many cases, couples began to seek ways to spice things up during lockdown.

Unfortunately, what started with good intentions turned into a big problem. Bored people at home were looking for a distraction from the real world, and they found addiction to pornography instead. 

Pornography addictions are not talked about, but that isn’t because they aren’t there. Many do not wish to discuss addictions that involve crude implications. However, the only way we can help those who live with an addiction is to break the stigma around the addiction!

Learn more about pornography addictions, the signs, and the treatments. Together, we can help those that need it most. 

What is Pornography?

Pornography is materials created to show erotic depictions for other people to view. Pornography is sadly extremely accessible to everyone. It comes in many forms. The most popular form is online content such as videos and photographs. It also comes in other forms such as magazines, books, audio clippings, and other media. 

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What are the Signs of a Pornography Addiction

There are many signs that you may have a pornography addiction. Like other addictions, pornography addiction is defined by a person’s inability to stop themselves. For example, you may find it impossible to stop watching pornography, despite your best efforts. 

Another common sign of pornography is frustration. You may find yourself frustrated with yourself, your partner, your situation, and your relationship with sex. Frustration is common with yourself with addiction because you can not stop. 

When you are addicted to pornography, you may become frustrated with your partner for not living up to your unrealistic expectations. And in some cases, you may find your partner less and less desirable. 

Lastly, you may start to lose interest in the thing you are addicted to. For instance, being addicted to porn can cause you to lose interest in a sexual relationship and pornography. The more you view pornography, the more you are required of yourself to become aroused. 

How is This Addiction Treated?

Most commonly, pornography addiction is treated with psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a talk-based therapy session. A person who experiences distress can talk to their therapist about the thing that is causing them concern. In these cases, pornography addicts may talk about what led them to their addiction and why they want to recover. 

A therapist will kindly guide the individual into realizing the root of the problem and helpful solutions. They may also give the individual strategies to help them manage their need to watch pornography. 

If you experience the signs of pornography addiction, you must get the help you need. A therapist or support group can help you manage your symptoms and overcome your addiction.