Know A Few Things About Fox News Channel Host Steve Doocy’s Wife. Kathy Gerrity

Kathy Gerrity
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Fans of Steve Doocy may know a lot of things about the Fox & Friends anchor’s life. In fact, they might also know that once he authored a book on marriage. However, what about Kathy Gerrity, the wife of Steve Doocy? Well, a lot of people may not about the famous anchor’s wife.

When you like a celebrity figure it’s quite understandable to become extremely curious about their lives. Therefore, if you like Steve from the Fox Channel then it’s absolutely necessary to know about his wife Kathy Gerrity as well.

In this article, we will talk about the long-time spouse of the Fox News Channel Host. if you want to know a few details about Kathy and Steve then you will find them here.

Who Is Kathy, The Wife Of Steve Doocy

Kathy Gerrity is the name of Steve Doocy’s long-time wife. As per the sources, the duo met each other while Steve was working at the WRC- TV in Washington DC.

It’s worth noting that Steve started his career thereafter completing his graduation in B.A, Journalism from the University of Kansas. Kathy, the current wife of Doocy at that time worked in the sports department, according to a 1989 Washington post profile.

There are sources that have confirmed that Kathy Gerrity worked as a model. In fact, she even had her own ESPN show as well. So, it’s quite apparent that Kathy has a lot of talent. However, these days she seems to devote her entire time to being a wife and a mom. The duo has children and we will talk about them later on.

Currently, the couple lives in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Moreover, Kathy keeps her husband Steve’s commute for work pretty short. Their children have also worked in the news and politics in their lives.

The Day Of Their Marriage

So, the duo Steve and Kathy tied the marital knots in the year 1986, on 30th June. From that point in time till now, they have lived an amazing time. In fact, even now they are really happy together. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that in the year 2007 Steve Doocy published his first book. The name of the book is Mr. And Mrs. Happy Handbook. So, the book is all about their marriage. Steve said that he had written this book because he loves his wife a lot.

In fact, there are rumors that Steve talked his wife into joining an online dating service to prove their love. However, it didn’t go as he’d have liked it to go. He said, “I wanted a computer to mathematically prove that we were 100 percent a perfect couple.” Well, it didn’t go that way because he didn’t make the top 500 matches of local men on his wife’s list.

So, it’s true that they have a wonderful married life and they feel that compromise is the key to success. On speaking about their approach to disagreements, Steve said that he had developed a new approach to arguing. In the beginning, he made sure that his wife would hear what he had to say. So, he’d say it a couple of times and if she didn’t bite, he wouldn’t just jam it down her throat.

“Rock the boat and try to prove you’re right, or go for the smooth cruise and wind up a happier person.”

Their Children

So, the couple share three children and they are Peter, Sally, Marry, respectively. In other words, they have one son and two daughters. Peter followed the footsteps of his dad and works at Fox News as a news reporter.

In fact, it’s also worth noting that Peter’s mom Kathy Gerrity has become a grandmom now. So, we can say at the end that Steve and Kathy have a wonderful family, full of peace.