3 Incredible Benefits of Oracle Utility Testing Accelerator

Oracle Utility Testing Accelerator

Any utility will tell you that managing its customers and assets is essential to keep its operations running smoothly. Billing customers, maintaining assets, and collecting user fees for their principal resource—which might be gas, water, or any other service they manage—all fall under the purview of that business. They establish stability, precision, and efficiency as the three pillars of what they expect from their solutions and the companies that employ them. They, therefore, want to protect their company against the impacts of any size shift when it occurs.

The secret to achieving corporate goals is making sure the solution satisfies your needs both now and also in the future. Testing, particularly Opkey test automation platform is the mechanism that most people use. Regardless of the technology or procedures utilised, testing is an expensive operation. It entails test planning, test design, and test construction or execution. This takes time and money, and the danger level varies depending on the approach. The Oracle Utility Testing Accelerator takes a novel method to lower testing costs and risks:

  • All test materials must be created, and they may even need to be recreated from scratch because the tool is only available for test automation procedures. As part of the licensing for supported Oracle Utilities products and versions, Oracle provides a full collection of prebuilt assets known as the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator. Additionally, to significantly speed up the business process modelling technique, With the help of the Oracle Utility Testing Accelerator, prebuilt, ready-to-use assets based on the Oracle Utilities Reference Model. The costs associated with adoption and continuing maintenance are greatly reduced as a result.
  • Solutions are a collection of utility-focused procedures that may be applied in creative ways to carry out business tasks. These operational methods describe how a certain utility employs the solution to meet its goals. Making your tests match your business processes through modelling is a key tactic for making testing effective and instantly useful to a firm. Tests may be relevantly modelled against business processes using Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator.
  • Life’s only constant changes. The goal of the Oracle Utility Testing Accelerator is to reduce the expenses associated with change. Updates to test assets are made using the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator without the need for redesign as part of each upgrade. No matter which versions are updated, this lowers the price and risk of upgrading between them. The capacity to let users benefit from the platform much more quickly is one of the main reasons for the presence of this kind of capability.

Testing is a substantial expense in the adoption of solutions. There are several approaches that may be used to reduce the expense and danger of installing and maintaining, but each has benefits and drawbacks. You may maximise the benefits of your investment by using the Oracle Utility Testing Accelerator to effectively make sure that your company processes continue to run smoothly even after upgrades. Opkey is one of the best companies when it comes to testing. People should use it in order to get the best results.

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