Custom Ties that Mix and Match with Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses

Except when aiming for a mismatched look, groomsmen’s custom ties should go well in terms of both style and color with as many as all elements of the wedding party. Coordinating bridesmaid dresses with groomsmen’s custom ties can be hard for organizers. More often than not, the limited option of groomsmen ties at stores or risking photos online makes it a headache. Choosing custom ties does not have to be. Regardless of the color of the bridesmaid dress, it is rather easy to customize wedding groomsmen’s custom ties to create that cohesive look for a dream wedding.

This article covers the things organizers, brides and grooms need to know about matching groomsmen custom ties to bridesmaid dresses. Learnings may answer:

  • How to select a custom tie pattern
  • How to coordinate wedding colors
  • How to match textures and colors
  • How to coordinate the groom’s tie with the groomsmen’s custom ties

Do Groomsmen Custom Ties Have to Match Bridesmaid Dresses?

Though this is not for everyone, groomsmen articles like custom ties that match bridesmaid dresses will give off a timeless, picture-perfect guise. Some couples may prefer to mix-and-match more or prefer the ombre look for their wedding parties and so there are plenty of reasons for groomsmen’s custom ties to match bridesmaid dresses. 

When groomsmen’s custom ties match and go with the bridesmaid dresses, the wedding party will appear more elegant and unified. Also, matching bridesmaids and groomsmen will maintain the visual focus on the real star of the wedding – the bride and groom. They will naturally stand out amongst the rest of the crowd.

Depending on the vision of the wedding party, the decision to mix and match or not ultimately falls on the bride and groom. If the couple decides to match groomsmen’s custom ties with bridesmaid dresses, wedding coordinators may make use of several color matching dos and don’ts to make sure this looks visually great. After all, in retrospect, wedding photos with colors that are off may be hard to look at and may even give a little twitch.

Should Groomsmen Custom Ties Coordinate with the Bridesmaid Dresses?

It should definitely! Even when bridesmaids get to choose their dress color and style, still groomsmen’s custom ties can be made to match the tone and color as well. Make sure to determine the wedding palette as it guides decisions around how to coordinate wedding elements – even the bridal party.

Firstly, the couple should decide on the look and feel of the wedding, and select a wedding palette composed of 3-6 colors that work together well. The bridesmaid dresses should match on if not all of the colors in the palette. Groomsmen’s custom ties can then either match the dresses or be of a secondary color. Remember that deciding on a wedding color palette will save the planning parties a lot of second-guessing later on.

In addition to the wedding color/s, considering the overall design of the dress and custom ties is also a must. A perfectly color-matched but loud custom tie but will look out of place when placed next to a dainty and elegant frock. Oppositely, muted groomsmen’s custom ties will be drowned out when held on their own against flashy bridesmaid dresses. Simply, simple bridesmaid dresses should match simple groomsmen’s custom ties, and eye-catching bridesmaid dresses to match equally eye-catching groomsmen’s custom ties. This gives the wedding party a sense of harmony and balance.

The extent of the wedding theme and formality will of course naturally influence both groomsmen’s custom ties and bridesmaid dress design. Custom ties that have a classic pattern like stripes or solid-colored ties are natural choices for an indoor church wedding with floor-length bridesmaid dresses that evoke a formal visual. On the other hand, fanciful, floral custom ties fit better into rustic outdoor ceremonies matched with boho bridesmaid dresses. Couples and organizers should keep in mind the overall look or aesthetic of the wedding, and keep the custom ties and dresses fit the description.

Now, having determined the groomsmen’s custom tie pattern that fits great with the bridesmaid dresses, the next step is to color match. The desired look should be decided on beforehand. It is typical for groomsmen’s custom ties to match the bridesmaid dresses perfectly although this is not the only choice.

It has been a trend for more couples to opt for mismatched bridesmaid dresses like choosing different shades of the same color creating an ombre effect. Bridesmaid dresses that are of similar neutral colors have also been popular. These options not only give the bridesmaids some choice in their dress color but will take into account the fact that different skin tones look better in different shades as well.

Mismatched groomsmen custom ties have been a trend for the same reasons. A range of custom tie patterns and/or colors will highlight individual groomsmen’s personalities. This will give the wedding party a fresh and highly modern look.

Couples may choose different custom tie patterns for each of their groomsmen. Choosing patterns with similar weight, size and theme is also a way to go. Examples of these similar patterns are florals and repeating motifs. The same color should be used across each custom ties pattern to maintain the cohesive look, possibly just alternating the background color to achieve a unique groomsman look.

Also, a popular trend is to use matching groomsmen custom ties that are a few shades off from the bridesmaid dresses. For example, pale seafoam bridesmaid dresses may be matched with groomsmen’s custom ties that are darker teal.

Not only do the groomsmen’s custom ties have to match the bridesmaid dresses but it also has to importantly match each other among the groomsmen, and also consider how these custom ties will complement the groom’s. The wedding colors previously discerned will coordinate and evoke a visually harmonious wedding reception.

Whether the couple wants groomsmen custom ties that perfectly match the bridesmaid dresses, or go for the ombre or mismatched effect, the color matching process allows the creation of groomsmen custom ties that are the exact shade as you need them.

What Are Some of the Groomsmen Custom Ties Color-matching Dos and Don’ts?

It is rather important to choose exactly the right color for the wedding’s custom ties. Here are some dos and don’ts to help find custom ties that match bridesmaid dresses to a T…


  • Have color swatches to match to
  • Recreate the wedding event lighting
  • Make a full-color palette

Do not…

  • Judge colors on a screen
  • Assume that all shades are the same
  • Select colors with low contrast (go for a soft or subtle look)

You may now proceed with the groomsmen’s custom ties and bridesmaid dress matching process!