5 Nursing Facts You Should Know

Nursing career
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Nursing is no more a profession of being a doctor’s sidekick but a whole new genre of getting into the depth of the medical sector. Nursing is all about helping people in their emotional and traumatic times. However, this profession also can grow at the medical and administrational levels. Nowadays, nursing is not only a microscopic-level job but, in reality, a booming career. Nurses have more real-time experience as they take care of the patients and deal with them in their intense moments. As a medical expert, nursing has potential in today’s medical field. 

Nursing is an exciting career!

A registered nurse is all about keeping the work flowing by allowing a doctor and patient. Nursing is one of the primary careers with a secure and bright future that makes it more attractive. However, it is crucial to understand that nursing is related to medical expertise. A nurse must have good communication skills to help the patient’s family physically and emotionally. The best part is that nursing is limited to a specific level. There is a wide range of courses and degrees available to grow with professional and practical knowledge. So you can get the right hint to apply for a suitable job with the proper skill set. MSN is the ultimate help for nursing professionals, as it covers all aspects of administrative and health education and training. Suppose you have any ambiguity regarding MSN and nursing education. In that case, you can also look at the FAQs About An Online MSN in Nursing Education to know more in-depth. 

While we’re on the subject of nursing and its development, let’s have a look at some statistics on the nursing profession:

Nurses with the most real-time experience

Yes! You will be amazed to learn about a nursing career. A nurse can serve the most prolonged-term care. According to an active survey, nurses handle most long-term care patients. In 20% of cases, a nurse takes care of a patient for more than five years. It is observed that people turning 65 or above need medical attention, and they prefer to have a personal nurse for long-term care. With many elderly patients, nurses play a critical role in their lives. 

Home health care nurses are in high demand

There are over 5 million patients only in the USA who have private health care attendants. There is a massive demand for home care nurses for better services. As hospitals also focus on acute and private care options, nurses can apply for the personal nurse. With millions of people in need of personal care, there will be limitless opportunities for nurses in the future that makes it a profession with a massive scope.

Candidates have a buffet of the nursing profession

Indeed! You will be amazed to know that there are over one hundred nursing options for the candidates. It is quite a shock as there was a perception that nurses are just nurses as the only work they do, following the doctor’s instruction. Still, there are specializations in different areas such as geriatrics, hospice, nephrology, neuroscience, pediatrics, radiology, telemetry, transplant, and trauma. It’s so only MBBS that makes a doctor and gives them a chance to specialize. Still, nurses also can choose a career according to their interests. 

General nursing practices

According to Regis College, general nursing practices are almost the same worldwide. Nurses’ standard practices and courses may have different road maps. Still, the valuable services and the final results are nearly the same. Here is one thing to keep in mind: the first-ever nursing course acts as a base, just like MBBS for doctors, and after that degree, you may go for a specialization already mentioned above. That will enhance your position and help you grow in the field you want. These specializations also help you nurture the leadership and administrative qualities for a better future. 

Professional staffing agencies for nurses

Yes! It is pretty unusual; however, you will be amazed to know that more than 40% of the nurses are employed through a staffing agency. With the rising demand for nurses, such agencies are working round the clock to get the right candidate for personal and professional health care services. You will see over 3 million nurses only in the USA. That is a considerable number as this profession is growing and helping medical students get a stable and flourishing career. 


According to PRN, nursing will continue growing as the demand increases every day. So if you are planning to give it a chance, it is essential to get yourself enrolled in the right course and get connected with an MSN to be on the right track. You need to take the first step, and there will be a whole world of ultimate learning and knowledge for you. You will even have a chance to teach in a nursing school to open various gates for you.