Want to Upgrade Your Customer’s Guest Experience? Here’s How

Guest Experience

To ensure every single one of your guests has the best experience possible, it’s the little things, as well as the overarching details, that matter. If you’re in the hospitality industry, then you’ll know that everything from the cleanliness of the room to the quality of the breakfast coffee to the friendliness and approachability of the staff will count towards the likelihood – or otherwise – of your guests booking a repeat stay.

Keep reading to check that you’ve got all the bases covered when it comes to providing an optimal guest experience; and for things to try out that could make all the difference.

Use Online Check-Ins

Want to impress your guests before they’ve even arrived at your hotel? Then online check-ins are the way to go! Deploying a hotel’s online check-in system lets guests skip the line at the front desk and head straight to their room to relax upon arrival.

Given that the average check-in process takes about eight minutes, they’ll likely breathe a sigh of relief that they can give this side of things a miss and get on with their vacation. And for your business guests arriving in a hurry, they’re saved the stress of worrying about missing the start of the conference they’ve come for.

As part of an online check-in process, your guests can use their mobile device as their door key, cutting back on the hassle of starting their stay even more – and preventing your staff from spending time dealing with and tracking down lost keys! And, of course, the staff time freed up can be used to even further ensure your guests have a great stay.

Make it Personal

Your guest wants to be treated like an individual, not a reservation reference number. To this end, use data analytics and reporting tools as much as possible to anticipate your guests’ needs before they ring down to the front desk. Using information gathered from previous bookings and the details provided as part of the booking process, tailor the welcome and experience each guest receives. Wow your visitors, for example, by remembering that they prefer Earl Grey to English Breakfast tea or asking if they require the use of a cot in their room if they’re visiting with a baby.

As well as improving the guest experience, this is also a valuable means of boosting your hotel revenue. It allows you to offer personalized, tailored upgrades and discounts on services or items that are relevant to them.

Partner with Local Businesses

This is an excellent way of helping your guests enjoy the best stay possible. Depending on the nature of your establishment and your guest demographic, you could consider partnering with local businesses that offer, for example, tours, surfing lessons, guided hiking trails, river cruises, or with family theme parks and other nearby visitor attractions.

As well as being able to offer your guests a discount on tickets or bookings, you’ll usually receive a commission, too, so it’s a way of adding a new income stream to your operations.

Reflect Your Guests’ Values

Aligning with your guests’ values is a powerful way to instill loyalty and help your guests have the happiest time possible. What does this look like in practice? Well, with more people than ever before embracing a vegan lifestyle, it means making sure that there are plenty of vegan options on your restaurant and room service menus rather than a token few. Using local suppliers and in-season ingredients is likely to be appreciated by most of your visitors, too.

Outstanding sustainability credentials are a must, too. To this end, invest in recycling facilities and reduce using single-use plastic and paper cups as much as possible. Keeping a close eye on your bookings to ensure you’re not heating, lighting, or air-conditioning empty rooms will boost your bottom line and your eco-friendly status!

Get Feedback

And last but not least, gather feedback from your guests so you can see exactly what you’re doing right – and need to do more – and areas that could do with a few tweaks.

It’s vital not to overwhelm your guests with surveys, however; a few peppered strategically throughout the guest journey is ideal. An ideal time to initially check in with your visitor is the morning after arrival to ensure that everything is up to standard and as expected. A minimal, short survey at the midpoint of the stay (if it’s longer than a few days) is another good point, and again post-check-out – and this message can also invite them to join your loyalty club!

Feedback is crucial as it may show areas that you had no idea were slightly lacking: a very particular housekeeping issue, for example, or a dish on the menu that’s not quite hitting the mark. Thank your guests for the time taken to provide you with these insights; offering a discount on their next stay is an ideal way to show your appreciation and – hopefully – tempt them to make another reservation!

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