How to use a breastfeeding pillow

breastfeeding pillow

Mother does not only go through pregnancy, childbirth but also has to go through the period of motherhood. The best diet your baby can have at this point is breast milk.  Breastfeeding can be made easier with the help of a nursing pillow. These are U shaped pillow to keep around your waist so that the baby reaches the place of breastfeeding easily without causing much strain to your shoulder and back.

Following ways can be adopted to use a breastfeeding pillow :

Find a spot with least disturbance

  • A quiet spot can prevent you from distraction while breastfeeding your child.
  • Putting the pillow in the right position
  • Put the pillow around your waist so that the baby can reach the breast without any problem.

Adjusting the height

The height of the nursing pillow should be adjusted according to your height, and the strap should be fastened to keep the baby in place.

Start feeding your baby.

The baby’s head should be kept on the pillow and start breastfeeding or bottle feeding. 

Relief for your back

  • Enjoy relief for your back and your shoulder while breastfeeding your child.
  • A  strap can save you from pain.
  • A  strap attaching the baby to your pillow can save you from a lot of back pain.
  • Relief  from C-section pain
  • Using a pillow can prevent a lot of C-section pain caused during childbirth.

Relief from reflux

During breastfeeding, a lot of babies reflux; if you use a washable pillow with a slipcover, you can prevent yourself from the hassles of reflux.

Help your baby to sit up.

By using a pillow, you can help you sit your baby to sit up.

Building strong muscles

By placing your baby’s tummy on the pillow, you can help her from reaching you by using her arms and legs and thus strengthening her muscles.

Preparing to breastfeed

During breastfeeding, you should take care that the pillow is attached tightly against your body. You should keep your baby as close to your body as possible.

Techniques of holding

There are different techniques of holding the baby while breastfeeding, like the football hold, cradle hold, cross-cradle hold, etc.; during each of these positions, you should take care to rest your elbow on the pillow, so that the baby reaches you quickly without any problem.

Clean your nursing pillow

As babies often unlatch during nursing and spit, it is necessary to remove the pillow cover and wash them after breastfeeding.

Adjustable height of the pillow

New pillows are available in the market with adjustable height. As your baby grows in size, or your way of holding is football hold due to C-section, the new pillow can adjust everything according to your needs.

Fastening the strap while breastfeeding

Fastening the strap can be a useful option, as it will be less disruptive for you. But, if your baby spits often or there is any need to change position often, then fastening the strap may not be the right option.

In short, if some or all of these steps are followed during breastfeeding, then breastfeeding is going to be a pleasurable experience. Hopefully, these tips help you to find the best way to breastfeed your baby, but if you have too much trouble doing so, you can consider getting high-quality formula like the ones you can find on Serenity Kids.