Frontend vs Backend: What’s The Difference?

frontend vs backend

Two of the latest buzzwords in the computer industry are the terms Frontend vs Backend. They are fundamental aspects of web programming that are crucial in web development. However, there is a quite subtle difference between the two. 

In order to construct a responsive website or application, both frontend and backend development must be handled effectively. So, if you are a project manager working on a web development project, outsourcing your IT needs to a software development company is beneficial for better custom software delivery and an effective digital transformation. 

Essentially, the frontend is what you see which is referred to as the client side whereas the backend is how everything works together which is also known as the server side. Though these two forms of programming clearly work differently, they also seem like the two sides of the same coin that both play significant roles in web development.

They not only have the expertise to turn your web development project into a full-fledged software solution, but they also know how to efficiently create both the frontend and backend portions of your website.

To help you better understand the difference between the frontend and backend development, discussed below are the differences of the two.

What is Frontend?

The frontend of a website is the portion that the user interacts with directly which is also referred to the client side of the application. To put it simply, it comprises everything the user can see, touch, and feel. 

Front end is all about emblazoned figures such as the graphical user interface, including bright buttons, navigation menus, vibrant graphics, and so on. 

Moreover, frontend development provides a better user experience in terms of design and convenience. Usually, web designers are the ones responsible for the bells and wishes of the website. 

However, web designers do not work with codes. They are in charge of overseeing all parts of website development and redesign to feature user-friendly design and visually captivating elements.

In terms of codes, frontend developers come into picture. They are the one responsible for creating an environment that the user can see and touch with the help of a combination of several tools including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Languages Used for Frontend Development


Hypertext Markup Language(HTML) is used to design the frontend portion of web pages. It uses both Hypertext and Markup language. 


Fondly known as CSS, Cascading Style Sheets is a designed language that aims to make the process of making web pages easy. With CSS, you can apply styles to web pages.


JavaScript is a well-known programming language that is used on websites and to make them more user-friendly. 

What is Backend?

The backend is the server side of the website. It is basically responsible for everything that happens behind the scenes. It is all about how the website operates and it is more of a service provider for frontend development in an indirect way.

Unlike the frontend, backlend is the section of the website that you cannot be viewed or interact with. It is, in fact, responsible for organizing and saving data, as well as ensuring that the website’s client-side functions properly. 

Programmers and developers are usually the ones in charge of the backend. Among them, backend Java developer play a vital role in managing everything that does not require producing a user interface. These skilled professionals are responsible for creating libraries, writing APIs, and seamlessly integrating utilities into everything web designers make. Their expertise in Java programming enables them to handle complex server-side logic and data processing, ensuring the smooth functioning and responsiveness of web applications. With their deep understanding of backend systems, Java developers contribute significantly to building robust and efficient software solutions.

To put it another way, backend development is the process of creating and maintaining the basic logic of a software program, and backend developers are responsible for writing code to ensure that the frontend is working properly.

Languages Used for Backend Development


PHP is a server side scripting language that is specifically used for web development.


Considered as a general-purpose programming language, C++ is becoming increasingly popular in competitive programming. 


Java is one of the most extensively used programming languages, and it is also one of the most scalable and easily accessible.


Python is a computer language that works more quickly and efficiently with other systems.


Javascript can be used both in frontend and backend development.


Unlike the above mentioned, Node.js is not a programming language or a framework. Backend services, such as APIs, Mobile Apps, and Web Apps, are frequently built using it.