Former Miss Universe Australia Finalist Sienna Weir Dies at 23

Sienna Weir die

It is with great sadness that we must report the passing of former Miss Universe Australia finalist Sienna Weir. At just 23 years of age, Sienna passed away after a tragic horse riding accident.

Sienna was one of Australia’s finest fashion models and beauty queens. She had competed in the Miss Universe Australia pageant in 2014, placing as a finalist. She also participated in numerous other modeling and photoshoot gigs, and was a mentor to many aspiring models and beauty queens.

Her infectious energy, strong moral values and generous spirit touched everyone around her – family, friends, and colleagues alike. She aimed to use her platform to spread positivity and self-love while encouraging others to reach their dreams.

Sienna Weir

We remember Sienna today as we pay tribute to her extraordinary life, gone too soon.

The Tragic Loss of Miss Universe Australia Finalist Sienna Weir

The world is mourning the tragic passing of former Miss Universe Australia finalist Sienna Weir who died at the age of 23. The young woman was an aspiring model and athlete, and had competed in the Miss Universe Australia competition in 2018.

On the fateful day, Weir was out horse riding on a farm near Brisbane when an unexpected fall from the horse tragically claimed her life. The local community, family, and friends are now struggling to come to terms with this unexpected loss of a young life that had just started to take flight.

“Sienna was a beautiful young lady with so much potential,” said a close family friend. “Her energy and enthusiasm for life was contagious.”

The entire nation is now shocked by this tragic loss and has come together in condolences for her grieving family.

The Accident That Led to Sienna Weir’s Untimely Death

Sadly, Sienna Weir, former Miss Universe Australia finalist, passed away at the age of 23 following a tragic horse riding accident.

Sienna Weir's Untimely Death

It was on this fateful day that Sienna was out riding at a friend’s property near Sydney when her horse threw her off and she fell onto the ground. She sustained major injuries from the fall and was rushed to the hospital but sadly, her life could not be saved.

The impact of the incident has been particularly hard for Sienna’s family and those close to her. “This is a tragedy that has shaken us all … We are still in shock,” Sienna’s family shared in a statement about her untimely death.

Sienna’s passing is a poignant reminder of how fragile life is and how quickly it can be taken away from us at any time. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

Sienna Weir’s Beauty Queen Dreams and Pageant Success

Despite such tragedy in her life, Sienna Weir never let go of her dreams. She participated in the 2016 Miss Universe Australia pageant and rose quickly to become the beloved Miss Congeniality Finalist.

Sienna Weir's Beauty Queen Dreams and Pageant Success

This recognition was just the beginning of a long list of achievements for Sienna. She graduated from the University of Sydney with a degree in Education and quickly became a sought-after speaker, traveling the world to give insightful and inspirational presentations.

Her success on the pageant stage was no less impressive:

  • She was crowned as winner of several beauty pageants, including Miss Multiverse Australia 2018, Summer Starlet of Australia 2017 and Face of Charity Project 2018.
  • She was also runner up for Miss Australia Universe, Miss Earth Australia 2017, and Miss World Australia 2018.
  • Furthermore, she made history by becoming the first Australian woman to be selected for two international pageants in one year: Miss Global and Queen of Ocean International.

Sienna’s beauty queen dreams took her around the world, from Brazil to China and beyond – but they weren’t just an escape from reality: they were a part of reality itself. Despite her tragic passing at 23 years old, Sienna’s memory lives on through her pageant success and inspiring dedication to changing lives around the world.

A Life Taken Too Soon: Sienna Weir’s Legacy and Impact

The sudden death of 23-year-old Sienna Weir, who was a Miss Universe Australia finalist in 2020, has left the nation in shock and heartbroken. Her legacy as an inspiring young woman, who had everything to live for, will live on through her countless achievements.

Weir was born in Brisbane and became a model at the age of 13. She was passionate about supporting the community and was actively involved in charity work. In 2020, she competed for the title of Miss Universe Australia and made it to the finals.

Although her time here with us on earth was cut short, Sienna Weir’s spirit and memory will be cherished by many. She had a great love for animals, adventure, and helping others. Her local community has described her as being both generous and kind-hearted.

Weir’s family have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support horse safety initiatives in memory of their daughter’s ongoing passion for equestrian sports. Her passing is a stark reminder that life should be lived to its fullest, no matter how long we are given with it.

Tributes Pour in for Sienna Weir on Social Media

The news of former Miss Universe Australia contestant, Sienna Weir’s passing on April 8 2021 has left the world in shock and sadness. People from around the world took to social media to share heartfelt tributes for the 23-year-old who died while horse riding.


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In Memory of Weir

The hashtag #RIPSiennaWeir began trending on Twitter as messages of love and sympathy poured in for her friends and family. Many people shared moving stories about how Sienna had inspired them, some even sharing stories of how she had personally helped them through tough times.

Heartfelt Tributes

Sienna’s family also received an outpouring of support from those who loved her. Friends shared cherished memories of all the fun times they shared with her, while many others expressed their feelings in creative ways such as writing songs or poems, making art or setting up virtual memorials filled with photos and quotes from Sienna herself.

A Fitting Tribute

To honor Sienna’s passion for horse riding, friends started a GoFundMe campaign to create a memorial fund for horse safety initiatives in her name. The donations will help raise awareness about safety standards in horse riding and provide resources to teach people the latest safety protocols and techniques in this sport.

Remembering Sienna Weir: A Look Back at Her Instagram

For those who never had the chance to meet Sienna Weir, her Instagram page offers a glimpse of her life. From inspirational quotes, to behind the scenes snaps from photo shoots and travels, Sienna’s Instagram was filled with beautiful memories.

Sienna’s posts on Instagram demonstrated her passion for horses and athleticism. One post celebrates being named as a finalist in Miss Universe Australia 2019, which she entered in an attempt to prove “that the dream is possible”. Other posts show her achieving athletic success with equestrian events.

To those who knew and loved Sienna Weir, her Instagram page serves as a lasting reminder of her impact on the world. Even though she is no longer with us, her legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.


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Sienna Weir’s cause of death

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce, Sienna Weir has passed away at the age of 23. According to her family’s statement released on Tuesday, Sienna died after sustaining injuries from a horse riding accident.

The young former Miss Universe Australia finalist was an avid horse rider and had competed in many shows and competitions. The accident on Sunday which took her life, serves as a reminder of the dangers associated with riding horses.

The Weir family have asked for privacy during this difficult time, urging their supporters to make donations to charity, in lieu of sending flowers or cards. The charities they have nominated are:

  • The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne
  • The Oncology Ward at St John of God Hospital Murdoch, WA
  • RDA (Riding For the Disabled Association) WA

They have also set up a memorial fund for those that wish to donate money directly towards any projects Sienna championed within the community. “We want her legacy to live on,” said Tanya Weir, Sienna’s mother.

Sienna Weir is survived by her boyfriend

The news of Sienna’s passing sent shockwaves throughout the Australian community, as she had left an indelible mark on many who interacted with her. Sienna was in the middle of preparing to achieve her lifelong dream of representing Australia in Miss Universe when tragedy struck.

Throughout her life, Sienna had an infectious positive attitude and was loved by those around her. She is survived by her boyfriend, James Morris, who was with her during the accident.

James has since shared his thoughts and tributes on social media: “Words can’t describe how much I will miss you. Every day I am more grateful for the time we spent together and cherish every moment we shared”.


Sienna Weir was an inspiring young woman that the world had been watching closely. She touched the lives of many and left a legacy of inspiring others to reach for their dreams. Sienna was loved by many and will be remembered for her kindness and generous spirit. She will be sorely missed by her family and friends, and her memory will live on in all those that she touched throughout her life.

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