Incorporating Framed Memorabilia as House Decorations

Incorporating Framed Memorabilia as House Decorations

The most exciting thing for a new homeowner is decorating the house. It is easy to buy new things that are basics in any home – a modern living room set, dining table and chairs, and appliances. But all houses need a personal touch, House Decorations that exude the personality of the owner. One way to bring life to a home is by utilizing memorabilia which includes photographs and framed jerseys.

Flat-based mementos are never scarce, so there will always be something to frame. You may have a painting you want to preserve or a picture you want to see daily. Sports enthusiasts are more into collectibles and keepsakes like jersey framing. The possibilities of putting your own heart and soul in a home are endless. But other questions need answers as well. For instance, where can you put them? And how can you use them as decorations in the house?  

Hang the framed memorabilia in the right rooms.

Framed photos and jerseys are perfect accents in a home because they show others a part of your soul and passion. But you also need to consider that not all people living in the house are as enthusiastic as you are when it comes to your sport. Man caves and boys’ rooms hang a jersey framing as decoration to show loyalty and devotion to a particular sports team. 

Rare framed textiles show a different side of culture, especially when they came from a different country. These can be displayed on a wall in the dining area. Put family photos and intricate artwork in the living area as a conversation piece for when guests come to visit. And if you have unique collections such as stamps, you can all put them in one frame for proper archiving. 

If you are into art selling, framing is as essential to you as air. Frames will keep your artwork safe, dry, and secure. You can even hang it on a wall that serves as a mini-gallery.

Do you DIY or have them framed professionally?

There are a lot of DIY frames in the market. However, there is a risk of making errors when you do it yourself. The cloth might accidentally snag on a nail. Or the photo might be punctured by mistake. And when that happens, the item may suddenly lose its value. You may think it is a great project, but getting the right result is not that easy. 

However, the professional framing of your valuables is always a good idea, especially if you are the meticulous type. All you have to do is to give them the item for framing, decide on a frame and other materials that they use (the glue and adhesive, glass or acrylic, wood or metal frame, etc.) and leave everything else to them. It may seem costly at first, but when you get the finished product, you get your money’s worth – a perfectly framed memory and a job well done.

Collecting treasured memorabilia causes clutter if not stored correctly. Framing is one way to ensure that you and your ilk enjoy cherished memories in years to come.