Clear Acrylic Dining Chairs: Pros and Cons

Clear Acrylic Dining Chairs Pros and Cons

Have you ever thought of adding some clear acrylic furniture, such as clear acrylic dining chairs and table sets, in your home to switch up your interior decor look?

If yes, you’ll need to find out everything there’s to know about acrylic furniture before buying one for your home. Acrylic is a quality pure plastic material made majorly from petroleum. 

Experts regard it as the highest quality and most successful plastic type, without the disadvantages that come with cheap materials. Acrylic has other names like polymethyl acrylate, acrylate, Perspex, or plexiglass. However, the most popular name for acrylic is lucite. 

Although clear acrylic furniture looks like glass pieces, acrylic doesn’t have to be transparent. It can come in various shades and colors with wooden slabs to protect them from external influences. 

While acrylic comes in colored and clear versions, we’ll be discussing the benefits and drawbacks of clear acrylic furniture like dining chairs.

Benefits of Clear Acrylic Furniture

Clear acrylic furniture offers many benefits. Thus, if you desire a sleek, modern look in your home, you’ll want to speedily purchase a clear chair for a desk or any other acrylic furniture piece. Here are some benefits of decorating your home with acrylic furniture. You can check out acrylic chairs here if you’ve decided to buy or read its pros and cons to the end.

  • Easy to Clean

Like glass, acrylic is pretty easy to clean, and you can easily discover when it’s dirty. That way, you know when to clean it. Just dip a soft cloth in soapy water to clean.

  • Airy Look and Feel

Acrylic is similar to glass. Although not as translucent as glass, it provides a similar feel and looks to your decoration. The see-through nature of clear lucite furniture makes the room larger and airy. 

When looking at the clear acrylic piece, your eyes won’t rest only on the furnishing; it’ll go through the furniture till it rests on something opaque and solid. 

For small spaces, acrylic furniture will help to make the room appear bigger. In-home decor styles like coastal or modern acrylic pieces will create that open touch to your house. 

  • Numerous Acrylic Furniture Items Available

Significant innovations in designs and materials for furniture making have helped to make acrylic a base material used for many furniture pieces. 

Thus, presently, you can easily find various types of furniture made entirely with acrylic or mixed with other furniture materials. Examples of lucite pieces include clear acrylic chairs, console tables, desks, bookshelves, side tables, chairs, coffee tables, etcetera.

  • Perfect for Outdoor Use

The acrylic material can withstand outdoor weather conditions. For instance, water or rain won’t affect acrylic. However, heavy rain will impact your outdoor acrylic chair.

On the other hand, hail can mark and maybe damage it, like any other available outdoor furniture piece. The sun rays might eventually make the acrylic furniture more brittle with time. However, it’ll take the same amount of time or even less to cause the same damage to other outdoor furniture made with other materials. 

Besides allowing for a modern and sleek outdoor decor scheme, acrylic furniture affords your home furnishings more flexibility. 

  • Adds a Sleek and Modern Look to Your Decor

Are you looking for a modern and sleek home decor style? Acrylic furniture pieces should top your list, like clear acrylic dining chairs.

Because lucite will need to be molded into the desired shape, they’re usually simplistic in design, fitting for contemporary and modern-styled homes. The simple acrylic furniture designs contrast heavily with ornate or highly decorative wood furniture pieces, making it the best for classic or traditional homes. 

  • Clear Acrylic Matches Everything

Due to its neutral color, clear acrylic furniture matches every other furniture piece in the home. Thus, regardless of your home decor color finishes and choices, you can incorporate some acrylic furniture pieces without worrying about whether they’ll fit in with the other decorations.

  • Artistic Effects

One primary benefit of lucite pieces like the clear acrylic dining chairs is the artistic effect it creates. Decorative items on acrylic furniture pieces will look like it’s floating in the room. Imagine a lucite bookshelf with many decorative accent pieces on it. All the accent items will appear to be floating in space, a remarkable artistic impression going beyond the decorative items themselves.

Cons of Acrylic Furniture

Besides knowing the pros, you’ll need to also learn about the cons of owning an acrylic furniture piece like clear dining chairs. Before deciding to go for a clear lucite furniture piece, here are some disadvantages to note:

  • Safety Issues

Because we’re talking about clear acrylic, its translucent nature might create a safety problem for both old and young people. For instance, a clear table might not be visible in the dark, and someone might mistakenly run into it, especially at night.

While this isn’t always the case, the scenario does happen.

  • Reacts Heavily to Chemicals

Acrylic material reacts adversely to some chemicals found in cleaners or detergent, causing a yellow layer on the furniture surface. 

  • Can Get Untreated Scratches

Lucite or acrylic materials need to be carefully handled because when treated poorly, they might get untreated scratches on them, eventually making the furniture appear ugly. 

  • Shows Fingerprints

Like mirrors, stainless steel, and glass, acrylic furniture pieces show fingerprints. Your clear acrylic dining chairs will easily show fingerprints from being dragged in and out during use. Thus, you might find yourself cleaning them all the time.

  • Excessive Gloss

Acrylic furniture gives off a worse glare than mirrors. Even in kitchen pieces, the excessive glossy facades might appear intrusive and too bright to some people.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know both the pros and cons of owning clear acrylic furniture, I’m sure you’re better informed about buying a lucite piece. Generally, acrylic furnishings are pretty durable, clean easily, last a long time besides the normal wear and tear, and easily fit any decor style.

The only drawbacks are that it shows marks, including permanent scratches and temporary fingerprints. It gives harsh glares than mirrors when the sun touches it, and reacts heavily to some chemicals in detergents. More so, it poses a safety hazard in homes with young or small children.