Mobile Jaw Crusher: Best Choice for Construction Waste


The advent of the jaw-type mobile crushing station has shown us that construction waste can “turn waste into treasure”. The jaw-type mobile crushing station allows construction waste to be turned into recycled sand and gravel aggregates.

It not only solves the problem of environmental pollution but also alleviates the tension of sand and gravel aggregates to a certain extent.

Best Choice for Construction Waste

What is a mobile jaw crusher?

A mobile jaw crushing station, also known as a primary crawler-type mobile crushing station, is a mobile crushing equipment composed of three systems: feeding, crushing, and conveying.

It adopts an integrated operation method, which eliminates the installation work of complex site infrastructure, and replaces the traditional fixed coarse crushing production line in more application fields. It can work alone, and it can also work together with other mobile crushing models.

Jaw mobile crushing stations are used in urban construction waste recycling, infrastructure road construction, and coal mining plants.

How to arrange the equipment of a mobile jaw crusher?

Configuring a mobile jaw crusher station for construction waste requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Here is a common combination of mobile crushing stations:

Mobile Jaw Crusher

1. Primary crushing stage

A jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment at the center of the setup. Ensure that there is sufficient space around the crusher for easy access, maintenance, and material handling.

Use a vibrating feeder to feed the construction waste into the jaw crusher.

Install a vibrating feeder to regulate the flow of construction waste into the jaw crusher.

2. Secondary crushing stage

Position an impact crusher after the jaw crusher in the material flow to perform secondary crushing. The impact crusher is higher than other crushers, and can fully utilize the high-speed impact energy of the entire rotor.

Conveyor belts are used to transport the crushed material from the primary crushing stage to the secondary crushing stage.

3. Material screening

After the secondary crushing stage, integrate a screening system to separate the desired-sized material from the oversize and undersized particles.

The particle size and sieving rate of the finished product are depending on the specific requirements of customers.

4. Optional additional equipment

If necessary, install a dust suppression system to minimize airborne dust particles generated during the crushing and screening process. Consider adding a stockpiling system or bins to store and organize the processed construction waste.

In addition to construction waste, the mobile crushing station can handle the crushing production of cobblestone, granite, limestone, iron ore, manganese ore, refractory materials, and concrete aggregates.

Advantages of mobile jaw crusher

  1. Easy to move and save cost

The mobile jaw crusher is equipped with a driving device, which can directly go to the material site for operation, which greatly reduces the cost of material transportation.

  1. Integrated complete sets

The installation of integrated unit equipment can eliminate the complicated site infrastructure installation work of separate components, and can also reduce the consumption of materials and man-hours. In addition, this way of unit assembly also occupies a relatively small area.

  1. Flexible configuration, more worry-free

This mobile jaw crusher can be operated independently by a single unit or can be flexibly formed into a system to configure unit joint operations, or combined into other systems according to the site conditions, allowing customers to use it more worry-free.

  1. Green environmental protection

The sealing performance is strengthened inside the equipment, and there is an air self-circulation system to reduce dust, and at the same time, it produces low noise, which meets the market’s green and environmental protection needs.

FTM Machinery mobile jaw crusher project site

The construction waste treatment project in Kenya was launched, which is a relatively large construction waste resource disposal project in the local area. The annual processing capacity reaches about 1 million tons, and renewable aggregates account for 85%. The following is an introduction to the construction waste mobile crushing production line.

  • Processing capacity: 200-450 t/h
  • Feed particle size: 500-800 mm
  • Finished product specifications: 5-10 mm, 10-20 mm, 20-30 mm
  • Equipment: Jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, circular vibrating screen, belt conveyor

According to customer feedback, not only the quality of the equipment is reliable and the energy consumption is low, but also the technicians come to the site to guide the installation and operation of our machines. Our construction waste resource utilization project has a fast return rate and a good energy-saving effect.

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