What Do You Need To Know About Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks)?


Defining Abdominoplasty

It is a surgical procedure that removes unresponsive fat and tightens the muscles, especially around the tummy area. It is a widely adopted and appreciated technique to achieve a fully toned abdominal area and rejuvenate the overall looks.

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Need Of Abdominoplasty

Due to poor diet and lack of exercise, people become unable to achieve a toned belly, raising an urge to cope with the obstacle. So the majority of individuals these days opt for abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery. Moreover, pregnancy or major weight loss transformations may leave one’s skin loose with exaggerated muscles. 

Besides other reasons, growing age may leave older people with stubborn fat pockets around the tummy. Once the skin loses its elasticity to extreme conditions, it may seem impossible to replenish the skin. Whatever the reason may prevail, this advanced medical procedure, along with other processes like liposuction, aids in toning and tightening muscles.

How Does The Procedure Of Abdominoplasty Take Place?

By the needs and compatibility of the candidate patients, every surgery is custom planned and carried out using different strategies.

Standard Abdominoplasty

Steps in a general abdominoplasty are as follows. A standard abdominoplasty procedure is also known as a full tummy tuck. It is based upon the principle that the more tight the abdominal muscles are, the more control they have on the fat cells. Hence, in this process, the tightening of abdominal muscles takes place by moving the navel area. The central task emphasizes hipbone to hipbone abdominal incision, consequently resulting in skin or muscles toning up.

The procedure requires general anesthesia before the surgical operation. The muscles located in the abdominal wall are tightened, and the surrounding area is treated for liposuction if needed before the closure of the incisional cut.

Similarly, there are other kinds of abdominoplasty procedures to achieve desired aesthetic body goals among candidates. The organization under the mentioned chairperson tends to support and satisfy their patients with utmost care and generosity.

Minor surgeries like mommy makeovers and miniature abdominoplasty are also conducted, keeping in mind the needs of patients.

Mommy Makeovers

The mommy makeovers is a surgical procedure specially designed for women after pregnancies. Usually, one or more pregnancies may leave women with loose skin and stretch marks that are hard to tone after the muscles loosen their strength.

The mommy makeover process combines a series of surgical operations, including abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction or enhancement, buttock sculpting, liposuction, thigh lift, etc.

  • Breast Surgery

The surgeons determine the type of surgeries required and process reduction or augmentation according to the needs of patients. Here, the main aim is to restore the patient’s most comfortable and best possible upper body look.

  • Buttock Sculpting

It is an important part of mommy makeovers as the hip area of females broadens after pregnancies leaving back a lot of fat restored in the lower area. Although contouring of the hip area is not very sophisticated as compared to abdominoplasty, it is gaining popularity among patients.

Recovery Time

By the aesthetic expectations of patients, desired results can be obtained instantly after the abdominoplasty procedure. However, it may take a time period of about 3-4 weeks for the tightened muscles to heal completely. During the initial days after the surgery, patients may feel difficulty walking.

Surprising Consequences

Along with the long-term effectiveness of instant surgical operation, the abdominoplasty procedure is capable of infusing other progressive consequences in the body of patients. Several surveys have been conducted to analyze the effects and potential modifications in the rest of the body parts. The scrutinized studies suggest that after removing excess fatty tissues from the epidermis, the hormonal alterations lead to a reduction in the appetite, which is directly proportional to the number of fat cells or tissues in the body. Thus it can be concluded that once the number of fat tissues is controlled in the body, it directly emphasizes the hunger and urge of energy craving through eating.


How Long Will The Abdominoplasty Procedure Sustain?

Usually, the surgery of abdominoplasty pertains to a lifetime. However, a sedentary lifestyle may lead to increased body weight. Hence the effects of surgery may get reversed as tummy fat grows in quantity.

How Long Does It Take For The Scar To Go Away?

Incision scars may take about a year to dissolve completely. However, the patient becomes completely active in their daily routine after a month.