How To Choose A Wall Art Properly

How To Choose A Wall Art Properly

Wall decor is a very good idea when one is looking for an idea for interior home decors. A wall painting can always add a character to the room and bring in a lot of difference. One can buy wall art and place them in the living room or in the corridor to the hallway so that it easily attracts the eyes of the others.

Wall decor online shopping can be an easy job if one is very well aware of what to buy and what kind of art one wants. One has to take a clear look on the wall on which they are deciding to hang the art work and then one can set an idea about it.

In order to choose a perfectly sized piece of art, one has to measure the blank wall and the art work has to be at least 12 to 24 inches less than that. One has to deduct the length from each side of the wall so that when the art work is hanged there it should look centred. One also needs to pick a wall decor which is of the same length or a bit smaller from the furniture piece it sits over (if it is). Like when one is hanging wall art over a bed or a sofa then it has to be either of the same length or a bit smaller from them. One should strictly avoid the wall decor which is wider than the furniture because it looks out of the place.

If one has a very big or an oddly shaped wall, then they can easily go for small wall art boxes or some mini square canvases which are great and flexible filling options. If one has a very large wall then a huge artwork can be hard to get. Even if one gets it, it may be very expensive. Here, one can make a nice collage of some small art pieces which not only looks nice but also very contemporary.

One can hang a wall art which is of a diptych or a triptych pattern where there are 2 or 3 or more than that panels of art that flow. One has to make sure that there should be at least 2 inches in between each piece. One can do a bigger spacing if they have a huge wall but the spacing has to be consistent. There are also large-format canvases or some removable paper murals that one can install on the wall to get a dramatic focal point.

Once the art work is chosen, one has to decide on how to hang the wall art. The height of wall art is a thing where one mostly goes wrong. The general rule is to hang the wall art at the sightline so that one does not have to look too high or too low to see it.

One can buy wall decor from the art work stores or from the online sites but keeping the measurements clear in mind is necessary.

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