How to Choose the best Gas Stove Online in India 2020 – Full Guide

Gas Stove Online in India

We first list down few smart guidelines to follow while selecting a gas stove that best meets your requirements. They are:

Number of Burners

This definitely should be your first consideration. You can find gas stoves with 1-4 burners in the Indian market. One and two burners are often used by bachelors or families with 2-3 members,  while three and four-burner gas stoves have become common with typical Indian families with 4+ members.

Gas Stove Online in India 2020

Depending on your need and family size, you can choose the best fit. According to our research, we found that 3 burner gas stove is the best gas stove to use. But you must also remember that gas consumption increases with the increase in the number of burners.

Types of Burners and Ignition Type

Apart from the number, you need to look into the type of burner which not only varies in size but also on the type of ignition. There are three different sizes of burners available, namely small, medium and large. Most 3-4 burner stoves have a mixture of different sizes to suit your needs.

Next, you must look into the ignition type. There are basically two modes of ignition. The age-old manual ignition type continues to remain popular while the automatic ignition mode is fast becoming popular with urban families. You need a gas lighter or a matchstick in the manual mode, while the spark ignites simply by turning the knob in the auto mode. However, you need to take care of the batteries and change it periodically in the auto-ignition mode, failing which it will convert to a manual version.

Apart from it, you also have the electric ignition in which the flame is lighted using an electric spark. The newest models that use LPG gas and gases from other sources like PNG ( Piped Natural Gas), solar energy etc. need this type of gas stove.

Burner Material

Gas burners are primarily crafted from either brass or aluminium. It is important to select between the two as it impacts critical parameters like heat distribution, corrosion, durability etc.

The brass burner proves more expensive but is highly recommended as it is a better conductor of heat, and has more corrosion resistance. They thus are more durable than aluminium burners and in the long run, they prove cheaper.

Design and style

Gone are the days of the boring and mundane gas stoves crafted of simple steel, aluminium or even brass. Today, to keep the aesthetics of stylish or modular kitchens, you have varied stylishly designed gas stoves incorporated with powder-coated sheet metal base, toughened glass tops, spill-proof designs etc. Not only are they convenient to use and maintain, but they also add glamour and style to any kitchen.

Distance between the burners

It might seem inconsequential but many gas stoves lack sufficient space between the burners. This is common amongst stoves having more than two burners because of which you may not be able to use all burners at a go. Hence, be sure to consider the distance between burners while choosing a gas stove.

Other Ergonomics

This refers to looking into various other aspects of the gas stoves like anti-skid feet which will lend stability to the stove and enhance safe cooking. The position of the gas inlet connection is another important feature. You can today choose a gas stove that matches with your kitchen structural design. The knob’s smooth operation, even flame, ISI certification are other safety features that require your due consideration.